'Twas the Night Before Christmas


For the past few years, PAFE tries to lighten the mood with our political take on the Christmas classic, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. This year, we asked past PAFE president, Tanya Granic Allen, to narrate the poem on video. Please click here or on the image above to view, and consider making a donation to support our work.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas at Queen’s Park (2019)

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through Queen’s Park,
not an MPP was stirring, their offices dark.

Decorations were hung by the windows with care,
Yet no MPPs were at work in their lairs!
Exhausted from following their busy routine--
Stand! Sit! Clap! Good boy--barked orders from Dean.

What then of Dean French, Ford’s disgraced Chief of Staff?                                              
He had to pack up and PAFE had the last laugh.

Like a tyrant he bullied, ruled and commanded,
Advised Doug to ditch Tanya, so underhanded!

Ford’s ratings were trash though he’d only begun,
Autism, French language, all part of the fun.

With undemocratic flair he ruled with a fist,
And for "Yada, yada, yada" Hillier he dismissed.

What was the worst part of his first-year reveal?
Failing to deliver his sex-ed repeal.

After botching the consults and calling them hijacked,
He sent lawyers to court to give us Wynne’s sex-ed back.

“Teach whatever you want, at whatever grade,”
Not caring his base was appalled and dismayed.

Just like that the Wynne sex-ed was here to stay,
By giving carte blanche to be taught any way.

Touting gender identity, Thomson sex-ed previewed,
Oosterhoff stood smiling while parents were eschewed.

Parents revolted, signed petitions, said “No!”
Said “How can Doug flip-flop and lie to us so?”

Ford caved to the unions, Horvath and Wynne,
Just please be my friend, for the polls we must win!

Why was Doug shocked at the Raptors vict’ry parade
To be heckled and booed as he sat on the stage?

And to be clear it was not your downtown crowd,
But the 905 base who gave Ford his vict’ry proud.

Well, the pollsters were right, Ford’s ratings were bust,
So Scheer told Ford stay out of his way: he must!

All silent the MPPs who campaigned for the repeal!
Monte, Belinda, Doug Ford- this is for real!

But Hillier our petition did read aloud,
And Barrett read AND signed it, making us proud.

Next the Minister of Education was gone,
Replaced by MPP Stephen Lecce from King-Vaughan.

Tanya asked him to meet and repeal the sex-ed,
But Lecce proceeded to march full speed ahead.

And march he sure did in a Pride Parade,
With Doug alongside him leading the way.

He released the sex-ed in August and online,
But PAFE was ready; “Doug Lied!” was the byline.

Now Gender Identity! Now Condoms, Consent!
Forced onto the kids though their parents did vent!

And at breaking his promise Ford was by now adept,
He caved into the radicals and supported the left.

But give up we shall not for we know what is right,
Teaching kids science and fact, relieving their plight.

And parents like the Buffones are fighting back
Preserving their parental rights from attack.

And complaint was filed by both mother and father,
How dare the school try to brainwash our daughter!

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It costs money, and resources, with campaigns to mount.

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