Today I am thankful for MPP Randy Hillier






Happy Thanksgiving!

As we give thanks for all we are grateful, may I ask you to add one PC MPP to your list? Randy Hillier.

Mr. Hillier is the FIRST and to our knowledge the ONLY MPP who has served Ontario parents and children by reading aloud part of the PAFE fully repeal Wynne sex-ed petition in the Legislature.

When so many MPPs are choosing to shirk their democratic responsibilities, this past week, Mr. Hillier stood up and read part of the petition over 35,000 Ontarians have signed. Here's what he said:

Mr. Randy Hillier: I have a petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

“Whereas the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne, in 2015, imposed on Ontario parents, without proper consultation, an ideological sex ed curriculum that, in many places, was age-inappropriate and had the effect of sexualizing children; and

“Whereas the Wynne sex ed curriculum has, since 2015, forced Ontario teachers to promote ideology over facts, including the controversial and unscientific ‘gender identity theory’;

“We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows”—Speaker, it’s a fairly lengthy petition. I’ll leave it at that, but they have petitioned this assembly much in the fashion that the government has acted.

While it would have been great for Mr. Hillier to read the entire petition- much like the NDP MPPs do with their pro-Wynne sex-ed petitions- we are thankful to Mr. Hillier for not letting the parents and children of Ontario down.

Can you email MPP Hillier's office to thank him for reading aloud part of the PAFE petition? His email is  [email protected]. Please email me in a separate email at [email protected] and let me know that you emailed him.

PAFE will keep you posted if any other MPPs read aloud and present the petition in the Legislature. In the meantime- enjoy this last day of the long weekend with your loved ones!  

For the family,


Tanya Granic Allen, President


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