The pushback against gender ideology is everywhere, and it's working!

It has been extremely distressing to witness the sheer velocity with which the onslaught of toxic gender ideology in schools has been pushed successfully by woke activists.

Thankfully, there is now reason to take heart and believe that the tide is beginning to turn in favour of a return to sanity.

Parents of Ontario schoolchildren are becoming very vocal in saying “NO!” to woke nonsense. 

There have been many examples of this.

PAFE’s Facebook video of the Durham District School Board (DDSB) meeting held on May 15 shows attendee Janet Miller questioning why the protocol that Canada’s flag must fly alone on its own flagpole is ignored every time the “Pride” flag is raised right underneath the Canadian flag at DDSB schools. 

Another parent, identified as Chris, pointed out the variety of gender ideology flags on display at schools, and proposed that “…we just stop sexualizing our flag poles and fly the Canadian flag.”

The DDSB meeting was interrupted several times, and eventually the public question period was shut down when board chair Donna Edwards refused to recognize questions. 

At press time, this video was receiving 1,000 views an hour, for a total of over 80,000 views!


This shows this video is hitting a chord with A LOT of people.

Please WATCH the video here to see what all the fuss is about!  

There is so much more information we want to get out into the hands of concerned parents and voters.

For example, in London, Ontario, parents of 400 students of Eagle Heights Elementary School kept them home on May 17, in response to their board’s decision to fly the rainbow flag to salute International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

That’s a full one third of the student enrollment at Eagle Heights, a school which had also reported high absentee rates in February, when the school recognized “Rainbow Day”. 

In advance of “Pride Month” this June, courageous students and parents have also been presenting at other board meetings. Former student Myles Vosylius told an April 25 York Catholic District School Board meeting that “Pride” flags, stickers, along with other sexual ideological symbols don’t help anyone, but “only arouse greater confusion, pain and darkness” in the lives of students.

At a Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board meeting on May 23, 17-year-old Timothy Deen and parent Matt Wojciechowski each made powerful delegations. 

Deen related his story of being harassed and scrutinized, even by staff members, for asserting the biological and human truths about sex and gender supported by the same faith his parents believed would be nurtured when they chose his high school.

Wojciechowski urged the DPCDSB to reject the ideological symbol of the “Pride” flag, which reduces students to their sexual attractions and feelings, and toward a life of “hedonism, narcissism and nihilism”. 

The delegations of Deen and Wojciechowski can both be viewed beginning at the 36:30 mark of thie board video. 

 Finally, parent Cristina Romano presented to a meeting of the Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board (PVNCCDSB) on May 23 with words that bear repeating about the sex educational push that has been designed to both sexualize children, and to confuse them about what sex and gender identity actually are.

“Will you be okay knowing that you participated in destroying a child’s body and mind in the name of inclusivity?”

-Cristina Romano to the PVNCCDSB, May 23

These parents and students are showing us how it’s done!

They are refusing to be silenced by false accusations of bullying and bigotry for stating basic human, physical truths. 

They are standing up to the actual bullies, because keeping children safe is worth it.

Let’s keep up the pressure, and keep supporting those who tell the truth. 

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