The flaws of Ontario Bill 98

It seems like every single day, there is another “woke eruption” at another school board in Canada! 

 As you know, PAFE is doing its very best to keep you informed as to developments as they happen. These past few months have been truly overwhelming.

Almost lost in the shuffle has been any comment from us regarding Bill 98 in Ontario, the Ford / Lecce bill, officially called the “Better Schools and Student Outcomes Act, 2023”.   As usual for Doug Ford, it is another education “sleight of hand” or “shell game” that has more to do with “more power for Doug Ford” and little  - if anything - to do with “Better Schools.” I promise to write more about this in the coming days.

I hope to send you my own critique on Ontario’s Bill 98 in the near future. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I wanted to draw your attention an online article by Ontario “anti-woke activist” and teacher Chanel Pfahl. Its title is “Teacher’s Open Letter to Education Minister Stephen Lecce.” 

I encourage you to read the complete version, which can be found at:

In her “open letter”, which is also her inaugural Substack post, Chanel Pfahl provides a withering critique of certain current practices in Ontario’s education system, and also points out several problems with Bill 98.

Moreover, she asks some interesting questions about public education in Doug Ford’s Ontario. For example:

Why are we allowing our teachers – and students – to be taught to accept that being black in our society makes you marginalized or oppressed and that being white makes you privileged, powerful or oppressive?”


Why does the Ministry continue to fund groups that seem to exist to promote a political agenda? Who is responsible for verifying the quality of the resources these organizations create? Why does the bill appear to force “respect” for these learning materials? What if an educator does not want to teach propaganda?”

Good questions indeed!

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