ACTION NEEDED: TCDSB plans to march in the Pride parade!

The Toronto Catholic District School Board's (TCDSB) Indigenous Education, Equity, & Community Relations Department will be marching in the Pride parade this year alongside OECTA.

How can they even consider it? In 2021, then-Cardinal Collins said that the Pride flag is an unnecessary symbol for Catholic schools. In fact, the cross is the only inclusive symbol they need.

If Catholic schools shouldn’t celebrate Pride why would a Catholic school board march in a Pride parade? These are questions that TCDSB trustees and board members need to be held accountable to.

Pride parades, specifically 2023’s Toronto Pride parade, was notorious for lewd behaviour and obscene shows of nudity. Last year's parade included naked men who exposed their genitalia to crowds of people where children were present. In Ontario, public nudity is illegal, but for some reason this is overlooked by participants of the Pride parade. As a school board that represents children, it is disgusting that it would participate in an event that is so grossly age-inappropriate and legally questionable.

School boards don’t need to participate in woke activism, period. Their duty is to educate and uphold the values of the board they were voted to represent. The TCDSB needs to cancel its plans to participate in the Pride parade and end this nonsense.

We need your help to demand TCDSB's participation in the Toronto Pride parade be cancelled! 

We have set up an action button that will allow you to easily send a pre-written email to the Chair Nancy Crawford, Vice-Chair Markus de Domenico, and Director of Education Brendan Browne, objecting to TCDSB marching in the Pride parade. 

To send your letter, click the button below and follow the prompts! 

The first screen you will come to has a black and white button saying "Edit and send email". Click on the button, which is shown circled in the picture below.


The second screen you will come to is a box asking you for your name and email. Enter your name and email!

If you're not already receiving our emails and would like to, please check the box "I'd like to receive the following communications from Parents as First Educators".

Then hit “send”.  That’s it!

Then share the news by forwarding this email to your friends and neighbours!

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