Support pro-parental rights candidate in Kitchener Centre!

This Thursday, November 30, is election day in Kitchener Centre.  All residents of this riding who are Canadian citizens and at least 18 years of age, and residents of Ontario for the past six month, should be able to vote in this special election.

PAFE has identified several excellent pro-parental rights candidates in this riding.

None of them, of course, are from the four “big” parties: PC, Liberal, NDP and Green. These four parties are all anti-parental rights, including, of course, the far left NDP and Greens.  The Liberals still have the same anti-parent and pro-gender ideology position as their former leader, Kathleen Wynne.

As for the PC Party, we are all familiar with how Doug Ford’s PC government has betrayed the parents of Ontario and have authorized the teachers to teach gender identity theory and other harmful ideologies at any age, at any grade level.

In other words, if you care about parental rights in Ontario, please: do NOT vote PC or Liberal or NDP or Green in this by-election.

Instead, why not use your vote to send a message to these “big four” parties?

The following five candidates all gave solid responses to the PAFE candidate questionnaire. They are, in alphabetical order: Gene BALFOUR (Libertarian); Mark DICKSON (None of the Above Direct Democracy Party); Mario GRECO (Populist Party); Lioner Wayne POIZNER (Party for People with Special Needs); and John TURMEL (Independent).

In addition to the “big four” candidates, there is one more candidate that we cannot endorse, and that is Paul Simoes of the New Blue Party.  PAFE has tried on numerous occasions to contact Mr. Simoes but to no avail. He has chosen not to reply to our questionnaire.  PAFE had the same problem last July when the New Blue candidate in the Kanata-Carleton by-election failed to reply to our request for information, despite our repeated efforts to contact her.

In the 2022 Ontario election, most of the New Blue candidates refused to reply to PAFE, though it should be noted that a number of them did reply, and, for the most part, PAFE did encourage voters to support the New Blue candidates where they provided us with evidence that they supported our parental rights agenda.

In any case, in this by-election, please don’t vote New Blue. This time, there are at least 5 better options in your riding.

We urge you to look over their short bios below, and visit their website or social media pages to find out more about them.

Name:  Gene Balfour
Party:  Libertarian Party

Gene Balfour spent his career in the Information Technology sector. He is married with two daughters.

 Name: Mark Dickson

Party:  None of the Above Direct Democracy Party
Phone: 613-869-0524

Mark Dickson is an advocate of direct democracy where the voter has the power to influence the monthly decisions of their M.P. P., to make the right representations on their behalf according to the will of the constituents. As a candidate in the 2018 provincial elections, his platform included repealing the 2015 Wynne sex-education curriculum and restoring the 2010 curriculum.

Name: Mario Greco

Party:  Populist Ontario
Email: [email protected]

Mario Greco promises to challenge sex ed that contains gender ideology such as SOGI123.  He also favours school choice and subsidized access to educational choices such as homeschooling and pod learning. Greco says he would focus on back to basics in education along with real-world skills such as coding.

Lionel Wayne Poizner

Party:  Party for People with Special Needs
Email: [email protected]

Lionel Wayne Poizner is an experienced engineering, materials management, logistics, warehousing, global supply chain professional that has spent his career working in the private sector.  He has worked for both large corporations and new start-ups with a mandate to obtain regional growth, cut costs and increase profits. He thinks it’s a problem that grade-school children are being groomed in our schools and being taught to hide things from their parents.

Name: John Turmel

Party:  Independent
Email: [email protected]

John Turmel  is a perennial candidate for election in Canada. He was active in the Social Credit Party of Canada and the Social Credit Party of Ontario in the 1980s. He founded the Christian Credit Party in the 1980s, the Abolitionist Party of Canada in the 1990s, and the Pauper Party of Ontario in 2011.

Please consider these 5 pro-parental rights candidates in Kitchener Centre this Thursday!

If you reside in Kitchener Centre, you can vote from 9 am to 9 pm this Thursday, November 30 at your local polling station. Polling station information is available online by clicking here.


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