Some great resources for fighting gender ideology at school

Parents and teachers all over North America have undergone a rude awakening concerning the relentless push of the anti-biological, anti-body and anti-human “gender ideology” in schools, and the irreversible harm it has already done to thousands of children.

The good news is that so many of us are now awake, and eager to push back to defend children with the truth, before even more children are harmed.

Today, we’d like to direct you to a few valuable resources that could be very useful in combating the activist push of gender ideology, and in dealing with cases of gender dysphoria, which is the clinical term for the condition where a person feels that they are in the wrong body. 

Adults of all political and religious stripes have been inspired to push back against this radical onslaught, so there are resources shaped by both secular and faith-based outlooks. 

A great example of a non-denominational resource is the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s “Radical Gender Theory Toolkit”, which you can download here.  

The toolkit is a concise, 20-page document compiled by six experts from the fields of education, law, social policy and parental rights advocacy.

It defines the threat of gender ideology, identifies its leading advocates, and puts this radical initiative in context as a crucial element that is part of a larger juggernaut of cultural Marxism bent on usurping all social power from the family unit. 

Read this toolkit now, whether you need a primer on gender ideology and how it is implemented in schools, or you already have a grasp of the subject. 

Switching to an excellent faith-based resource, we highly recommend watching this hour-long video from the Sophia Institute for Teachers, entitled “Pastoral Approaches to Helping Students Understand Gender”. 

This video will be of particular interest to Catholic parents and teachers who are interested in navigating the minefield of gender ideology and its adherents. 

Monica Ashour, a former teacher and co-founder of the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team (TOBET), provides many valuable insights on the pastoral approach to addressing “transgenderism” through an authentic Catholic lens of truth. 

Ashour explains how the “Theology of the Body”, St. John Paul II’s integrated vision of the human person, can be invoked as the perfect antidote to gender ideology, which at its heart is an angry expression of confusion and rejection of God's plan for the human body to be a gift to yourself and to others.

A third valuable resource we highly recommend is a webpage published by the American national grassroots organization Parents Defending Education.

This page provides a comprehensive collection of incident summaries involving the push of gender ideology in schools across America, along with a handy collection of articles that will equip concerned readers with the knowledge of both what gender ideology is, and practical measures you can take to effectively establish your opposition to it. 

These resources are all linked at our website,, under "Resources" and then "Gender Identity Theory." at the bottom of the page.

The insidious progression of toxic gender ideology has moved at a stunning speed, and has already done far too much damage.

However, we must not lose hope. 

Now that so many parents and others have been awakened to the very real threat that gender ideology poses, we can all get down to correcting this tragic mistake with the help of resources like the three mentioned here, and the countless more that are springing up every day.

This is a fight that we can, and absolutely must, win!

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