Scarborough Candidate

queenie yu, standing up for families


Queenie Yu (余婷婷) was born in Toronto and lived in Scarborough for 20 years. Her mother and father immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong and China, respectively. They worked in factories and restaurants, and saved everything in order to support their three daughters through university. Queenie’s strong work ethic and dedication to family values comes from her parents. She earned a BES at the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the University of Ottawa before beginning a career in marketing, sales and fundraising.

Like many Ontarians, Queenie is disappointed in the Wynne government for forcing her sex-ed agenda onto children. Queenie wants to send a strong message to all politicians that parents must be listened to. She will not give up until the disastrous Wynne Sex-Ed curriculum is fully repealed.

Grateful for what she has received, Queenie started giving back to her community at the age of 14 and has volunteered for the Red Cross and The Scarborough Hospital. She currently mentors young women to be leaders in society, and raises money for charity with her balloon twisting, magic and face painting. Queenie practices martial arts and will unceasingly defend parents’ rights as the first educators of their children.

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