Renfrew County Catholic school board pushes gender ideology even harder

The Ontario school board that suspended student Josh Alexander and had him banned from school for stating the truth about the number of biological sexes, and then had him arrested for trespassing when he returned to school, is getting even more aggressive in spreading deceitful gender ideology.  

The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board released a new document called “Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse Students”, which can be found in the ‘Safe Schools’ section of the RCCDSB website.

The 15-page document is suffused with the radical and dangerous lie about the human person that forms the heart of the gender ideology movement ­­­­– that people, even children, are whatever they claim to be, no matter the contrary evidence. 

The RCCDSB document begins by asserting that “(t)here are many different gender identities, including but not limited to” a list of eight vaguely defined identities, including non-binary, agender, gender fluid, and cisgender.

According to Renfrew County Catholic’s policy, gender identity need not be restricted to the binary choice of male or female, but can include both or neither. 

Guideline 1 states that, “Every person is able to define their own gender identity and/or expression. A person’s self-identification is the sole measure of gender.”

If these startlingly biologically illiterate claims confuse you, you’re not alone. 

The thinking of gender ideologues is inherently confused and self-contradictory, and they tend to rely on whatever idea is politically useful to them at the given moment. 

Unfortunately, this policy document enshrines the idea of gender self-creation as though it is an eternal truth, and dictates the means of support for the student’s “individual process” from self-selected gender, to instructions on use of names, pronouns, and official records, to the student’s right to use the change room or washroom of their choice, regardless of the rights to safety and comfort of other students.

Guideline 2 of the document is the one that may most concern PAFE supporters, as it deals with involvement of parents and guardians. 

While this section does acknowledge the legal right held by parents to access information concerning their child’s education, it also contains the troubling words, “(r)egardless of age, confidential information about a student must not be shared, even with parents/guardians, without the student’s consent…”.

It’s easy to see how a policy like this will lead to parents being kept in the dark about gravely serious gender identity issues occurring with their children at schools of this board.

The RCCDSB has drawn much attention because of the draconian treatment  of Josh Alexander that it condoned when that student spoke up for truth, and for the safety of girls who attended his school. 

Judging from the release of this document, it’s clear that the trustees of this board have no intention of backing down from their full embrace of the poisonous gender ideology that is eroding the education and the very lives of students all over North America. 

We must remain steadfast in our insistence that the safety of children is the priority, and that this corrosive movement must be purged from education. 

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