Planned Parenthood Toronto caught promoting sex toys to children


Planned Parenthood has once again been caught trying to lure minors into their hyper-sexualized curriculum.

This time around it was Planned Parenthood Toronto, who posted inappropriate content on their Instagram page about instructing teens on the fine art of making sex toys out of objects found at home. 

The post was explicitly aimed at minors who can’t afford commercially produced sex aids, or who worry about being discovered purchasing them. 

“Sex toys can be expensive or hard to buy discreetly if you’re a young person, thankfully there are lots of at-home options you can try instead!”

 -Planned Parenthood Toronto Instagram Post

The post also invites teens to visit, a website affiliated with Planned Parenthood Toronto, for more information, or to talk with “one of [their] Teen Peer Educators” on “judgement-free, anonymous info lines”. 

This is yet another example of Planned Parenthood’s continuing agenda to push their sexual agenda on minors, in an effort to develop an unnatural relationship between children and their organization.

You may recall the shocking story reported by PAFE last summer about a Planned Parenthood presentation to Grade 9 students at a high school in Saskatchewan.  The presentation included decks of cards illustrating explicit sexual practices, such as “U for Urophilia”. 

Here’s the real plan of Planned Parenthood: get to children as early as possible through partnerships with educators and media, influence them to become sexually active, then peddle birth control and abortion to them.

Instagram posts like this one about DIY sex toys are part of that pernicious process. 

Planned Parenthood’s access to our children is toxic and terrifying. 

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  • Mary lyn Hannah
    commented 2024-05-28 17:52:27 -0400
    This is pure evil. Instead of teaching innocent children to play games and have fun they are being burdened by mentally sick adults promoting sex games and sex toys for children To encourage a child to play alone, become isolated in fantasy, explore sick sex games instead of learning how to talk and play with children. they need to be fired. God help us.
  • Amelia Willis
    published this page in BLOG 2024-05-27 10:05:12 -0400