PETITION to require Halton District school board to discipline teacher with prosthetic breasts

It’s not going away, it’s only getting worse. 

The story of the Halton District School Board shop teacher who traumatizes children by wearing enormous fake breasts with protruding nipples, mini-skirts and wigs to school as gender expression drags on, because neither the HDSB nor the Ontario College of Teachers has the courage to deal with it. 

Even social liberal columnist Rosie DiManno, writing in that beacon of progressivism, the Toronto Star, complains that the whole saga “makes no rational sense. It is folly.”

You know you’ve gone too far when you’ve lost Rosie.

And it has gone too far. In their abject fear of infringing on someone’s right to gender expression, the school board and the teachers college are completely ignoring the rights of children to a school environment free of sexualized attire.

No reasonable person who has seen the photos of this teacher, and people all over the world have seen them, would think it appropriate conduct for the classroom. 

The HDSB’s report, published in November, concluded that the board can’t do anything about it, because imposing a dress code on teachers “would expose the Board to considerable liability.”

Yes, we have reached a point where schools are in the grip of woke ideology to such an extent that they cannot even impose a staff dress code.

The Ontario College of Teachers wants the HDSB to resolve the problem, while  Oakville Trafalgar High School experiences the chaos of bomb threats and other disruptions. 

Parents, whose protests have been entirely ignored, have started a group seeking sanity and a safe learning environment for their children, Students First Ontario, and are taking legal action

Ontario student scores in math and reading are on the decline, while Ontario’s school boards cling to the tenets of woke ideology, which demands complete conformity and punishes anyone who questions their doctrine.

This undermines one of the core objectives of education, which is to help students learn to think critically. 

Until publicly funded school boards end their obsession with wokeism, incidents like the fake bust teacher will become the norm, and students have no chance of receiving a proper education. 


The parents at Oakville Trafalgar desperately need YOUR help! 

  1. With the HDSB refusing to act, we must take it to the next level and DEMAND that Ontario’s Education Minister step in and ensure that sexualized attire is not allowed in schools.
  2. Please sign our petition demanding that Stephen Lecce take action to require the Halton District School board to enforce proper attire for teachers. CLICK HERE to sign the petition.


Hon. Stephen Lecce

Email: [email protected] 
Tel : 416-325-2600


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