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“If we vote for an alternative party, we run the risk of splitting the vote, and handing Kathleen Wynne another 4 more years…and that would be awful.”

“Isn’t there a way – we can just fix the PC Party?”

“Where I live, most of the PC Party supporters I talk to agree – the party needs to be fixed, not abandoned.”

These are just some of the comments I have heard from parents who are looking for an option that does not involve starting a new party. Some of you have expressed looking for a way to influence change in a party that is in the closest position to form the next government and replace Kathleen Wynne. 

On Tuesday I mentioned that many PAFE supporters have expressed to us that they don’t have an issue with the PC Party itself; rather, they have an issue with its leader, Patrick Brown. And who can blame them? He has been a disaster on the sex-ed agenda, and appears content to go along with whatever socially-insane idea that Kathleen Wynne throws at our families.

These supporters want to fix the PC Party because they have pointed out to me, that with the exception of Bob Rae, every Premier in Ontario’s history has either been from the Liberal Party or the PC Party.

For a while I did not know what to say.

Enter Take Back Our PC Party. Click here to read the QP Briefing article on the group http://www.axethecarbontax.ca/qp_briefing

On the Take Back Our PC Party website, they describe a process whereby active PC Party members are encouraged to sign a petition requesting their local PC riding association to hold a special meeting to force the provincial executive to convene a province-wide special general meeting.

The group has identified a clause from the Ontario PC Party constitution that allows for 25 current party members across 41 ridings to call local general meetings that can result in forcing the party executive to call for a “Special General Meeting”.  In order to sign the petition, you need to have a current Ontario PC Party membership that can be purchased here https://secure.ontariopc.com/Partyjoin.

Under the constitution, a “Special General Meeting” allows for party members to bring forward constitutional amendments.

This means that under such a Special General Meeting, constitutional amendments could be presented to fix all that is wrong with the party. That includes constitutional amendments dealing directly with Patrick Brown and the abuse of his power that he has shown: allowing for rigged and fraudulent nomination results to stand; identifying that any candidate or MPP in his caucus could be replaced if they disagree with him on any issues; expelling social conservatives from the party; flip flopping on policy such as the sex-ed curriculum and carbon tax; and overriding the grassroots democratic processes of the PC Party.

Take Back Our PC Party hopes to change the constitution in three ways: to state that the party is opposed to a carbon tax (perhaps we could do the same for the sex-ed agenda?); to prohibit the leadership from overriding the results of nomination contests; and to overturn the results of any nominations that are not open, public and democratic so new votes can take place.

What’s to say other binding constitutional amendments can’t also be put forward at such a meeting?

For some of you, buying a membership in the PC Party might sound uncomfortable given what has transpired this past year. However, it is important to remember that the PC Party does not belong to Patrick Brown and, in fact, it would make life a lot easier for Patrick Brown if we all just went away and gave him ultimate power to do whatever he wanted in the PC Party. I am sure Patrick Brown would love to have all of us just join another party.

I, for one, don’t like to be told which party I should or should not be part of. And parents and social conservatives have every right to choose to influence the party they think would best serve their interests. 

For those who see the PC Party as the most likely alternative to forming government over the Wynne Liberals, Take Back Our PC Party provides an intriguing option.  

For those of you who are interested in “taking back” the PC Party, you can visit their website at www.takebackourpcparty.com.

Regardless of which political party forms government, PAFE needs to continue being the watchdog and whistleblower so that your views regarding parental rights and family values are represented to our elected officials. Please help us continue our work by making a donation today. 

Together for the family,

Tanya Granic Allen

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  • Judy Nuttall
    commented 2018-01-28 10:38:11 -0500
    Parents are the primary caregivers for their own children. NO ONE has the right to stamp down on or attempt to eradicate the conscience or religious convictions of either the children in school or the parents. The abomination of the Sex-ed curriculum MUST be removed – terminated. I continue to work against this, as I have ever since the “Hearings” of May 2012. She who speaks against bullying employs its tactics here.
    jude nuttall