OP Candidate Tom Marazzo Attacks Doug Ford's Dreadful Sex ed

Watch this short video and you’ll see a father eloquently expressing his horror at the onslaught of unscientific and morally corrosive gender ideology in Ontario’s schools.

What makes the video more noteworthy is that the father is Tom Marazzo, Ontario Party candidate for the riding of Peterborough-Kawartha.

Marazzo is a former Canadian military officer and college instructor who had a prominent role in logistics planning for the Freedom Convoy trucker protest in Ottawa earlier this year.

He is running for election under the banner of the Derek Sloan-led Ontario Party, which presents itself as a truly conservative political option to Doug Ford’s PCs.

At one point in the video, Marazzo says, “I don’t know how this got into the school system”. 

The simple answer is that Doug Ford allowed it to. 

When campaigning back in 2018, Ford correctly described gender ideology as a dangerous, nonsense “Liberal” ideology that has no place in society, let alone in classrooms.

However, just a few months after he won the election, Ford backpedaled away from a motion that would have declared gender identity as a “Liberal ideology”.

Now, Ford forces gender ideology on school boards, and has given his government’s support to the NDP-sponsored Bill 17, the ‘Gender Affirming Health Care Act’, which will expand and promote increased access for surgical procedures and non-surgical treatment related to gender transition.

Tom Marazzo expresses the Ontario Party’s position on gender ideology instruction when he asserts, “It is the responsibility of parents to instill morals, values and ethics into their children”.  He also vows that an Ontario Party government will derail the gender ideology agenda that has captured every level of Ontario public education, especially with young children. 

A look at the Ontario Party’s platform backs up Marazzo’s claim. The party’s K-12 Education policies include:

  • Making it illegal for any teacher, school administrator, or any school board official to teach or imply that men (male) and women (female) do not exist as separate, biological realities

  • Requiring public school teachers to provide parents with detailed day-to-day instructional material prior to teaching, and to empower parents with the right to opt their children out of specific lessons that are at odds with their beliefs

  • Making it illegal for public school teachers to promote partisan political positions or to engage in personal political activism in the classroom.

In expressing his frustration and puzzlement at the state of Ontario public education, Tom is typical of so many of us.

And Tom is committed to doing something about it! 

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