Ontario woman launches Canada's first "detransitioner" lawsuit

Michelle Zacchigna

An Orillia, Ontario woman who regrets hormone treatment and “gender reassignment surgeries” she underwent to appear as a male, is suing the eight doctors and counsellors who guided her through the process.

34-year-old Michelle Zacchigna’s lawsuit will be the first of its kind in Canada.

Depressed, anxious and self-harming, Zacchigna discovered gender transition communities online in 2009, and began her own “transitioning” process the following year, despite the fact that she had never experienced gender dysphoria.

She was assured by medical “experts” that this wasn’t unusual, and was allowed to self-diagnose, while being prescribed testosterone, which permanently lowered her voice and altered her appearance. 

Later, Zacchigna would have both her breasts removed, and then her uterus. 

Finally, after more than ten years of “gender affirmative care”, Zacchigna underwent a psychological evaluation, and was diagnosed with ADHD, tic disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and PTSD traits.

Zacchigna detransitioned in November, 2020, at age 32, and now deeply regrets that irreversible body alterations that she was allowed to undergo despite her history of mental health struggles, and having shown no signs of gender-related crises in childhood or adolescence.

Acknowledging that I cannot bear my own children is devastating”, she says. “Some days, the pain of what I’ve done to myself is overwhelming. I cry and I can’t stop. Other days, I’m angry that I wasn’t screened for the diagnoses I later received before I was prescribed hormones.

Michelle Zacchigna’s courageous act will begin a vital new chapter in the fight against the relentless onslaught of toxic, unscientific gender ideology, and the life-destroying effects of the “gender affirmation only” approach to patient care in Canada.

We wrote last September about the hopeful comments of Canadian trans healthcare expert Dr. Joey Bonifacio, who advocates for a more cautious and measured approach instead of one that rushes the patient into transition treatments. 

It was a lawsuit brought by former patient Keira Bell that was instrumental in bringing about the closing of The Tavistock Centre, the British clinic which had sent countless young people down a path of irreversible harm.

Let’s hope Michelle Zacchagnia’s legal action has a similar effect on these practices in Canada!

We hope this will inspire you to write to your legislators who are considering a bill to make it easier to access gender affirming care here in Ontario, Bill 42! Read more about Bill 42 by clicking here.


1) Contact your MPP

Let the Ontario government know that we will not stand for the abuse of children in the name of woke politics. Ask him or her to oppose Bill 42 because it will allow gender affirmative activists to hold Ontario’s health care system hostage. Explain that this would be extremely unwise because the value of gender affirmative care is increasingly being rejected due to lack of evidence of its benefits.

a. Find your MPP’s contact information by clicking this link and scrolling down to the bottom of the page to the “Find My MPP” box.

b. Please also cc. the Conservative MPP and Minister of Health, Sylvia Jones: [email protected]

c. Write to us at [email protected] and let us know you contacted your MPP.

2) Sign our petition

Express your disgust with Bill 42 to the Members of the Ontario legislature and Premier Doug Ford.  

Medical negligence in the service of political fashion by the healthcare community has already done more than enough damage!

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