Novel added to curriculum for cultural diversity now banned by Milton high school, but no one will say why

When parents get involved and speak up about their concerns in school boards, positive changes happen!

A Catholic high school in Milton has removed a novel called The Hate U Give from its curriculum, but will not say specifically why the book was removed, nor whether the book is still available to students who want to read it. 

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School Principal Adriano Perusin stated that a parent had raised concerns with the book’s content, and he had reviewed these concerns with appropriate staff according to the Halton Catholic District School Board’s Selection of Learning and Library Materials policy.

 “A school-level decision was made to remove the book as a classroom resource.”

 -Adriano Perusin, St. Francis Xavier H.S. Principal

The Hate U Give is a novel by American writer Angie Thomas about a 16-year-old black high school student’s struggle with identity and trauma after she witnesses her friend’s shooting death at the hands of police officers.

While Principal Perusin has not disclosed the nature of the complaint made by the parent in this case, the novel has been removed by other school curriculums, including in Nova Scotia, because of excessive profanity, including the N-word.

It would appear that in yet another attempt by public education to bow to the false god of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), students have been exposed to writing that parents find objectionable, although in this case the removal of the title has been limited to one school, and no decision has been made to restrict The Hate U Give throughout the HCDSB.

Parents want authentic and politically neutral education for their children.  This story confirms that when parents demand to be heard, the board has no choice but to listen.  The lack of transparency in school boards is becoming more and more apparent, and this development in St. Francis Xavier High School goes to show that when parents know their rights, get involved in their children’s schools, and demand changes, it can happen!

We must continue to be vigilant in knowing what our children are being exposed to, in all media, at school and online. If you are a parent and aren’t happy with what your children are being exposed to, or aren’t even aware of what is being made available to them, we urge you to get involved, speak up, and demand change! 

Parents across Canada are growing tired of the woke ideology and age-inappropriate behavior that is shoved at their children. We need to continue to fight against it and hold our school boards, trustees and politicians accountable!

Kudos to the parents at St. Francis Xavier who spoke up and had this book removed!

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