New poll suggests declining support for LGBTQ+ issues

An Ipsos survey shows that, in the last few years, support for LGBTQ causes, including gender transition, has sharply declined in Canada. 

The poll, which surveyed the attitudes of adults in 26 countries, placed Canada in the bottom half of those countries where approval measures of LGBTQ causes is concerned. 

Canada ranks 17th out of those countries in support of “trans” people using the restroom of their choice, and 22nd in support for government-issued documents providing an option other than “male” and “female”, despite the fact that the Trudeau government began allowing a third “x” option back in 2017.

The poll also reported plummeting support in Canada for healthcare coverage for gender transition procedures and for the participation of biological males in women’s sports,

In an interview with True North Wire I noted that "Around 48% of Canadians oppose and only 21% approve of allowing trans people to compete in athletic competitions based on the gender they identify with, down from previous Ipsos and Angus Reid polling.

This is down globally from 27% in 2021 according to the study. The previously referenced 2023 Angus Reid poll showed 31% of people approving the inclusion of trans athletes in female sports. PAFE welcomes the attitudinal shift as a step forward in protecting women athletes from sporting injury.”

This is fantastic news! 

It provides real proof that normal Canadians have had enough of the idea that the gender ideological “rights” must involve the erasure of actual women and girls, and the psychological and physical maiming of children!

As expected, the radical pushers of LGBTQ ideology have seized upon these results as evidence of growing intolerance.

However, the picture is more complicated than that. Globally 67% of people think that transgender people face significant discrimination, with Canada slightly lower than the average at 61%; and 76% of people think that they should be protected from discrimination in things such as employment, housing, and access to restaurants and stores.

As I pointed out in the True North article I think what we are witnessing is Canadians becoming scientifically aware! There is no medical evidence that hormonal therapies are safe or effective, and what lacks scientific evidence doesn’t deserve support.

As I told True North, "Both Canada and the US rank among the most conservative of the 26 countries surveyed, along with Sweden and Great Britain, which may reflect greater awareness of the lack of medical studies proving the safety and effectiveness of hormonal therapies due to cultural wars in those countries over medical restrictions on hormone therapies and gender ideology in schools."

The Ipsos survey reflects an increasing skepticism of LGBTQ activism, both in Canada and around the world. 

Where there was once unquestioning acceptance and promotion of unscientific claims around gender identity, for example, the pushback and demand for real truth has begun.

Canadian provincial leaders in New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Alberta have acknowledged this trend and acted accordingly, recognizing that they can do the right thing in protecting children while also resonating with the vast majority of voters.

This epiphany has yet to enlighten Trudeau’s federal Liberals, or even Ontario’s sadly disappointing counterfeit conservative Premier Doug Ford.

However, as the swing of this political pendulum continues to gather undeniable momentum, we can hope for some pleasant surprises soon!

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