Finding Meaning in COVID-19


When social distancing started, Shannon felt: "Everything that had helped me deal with life's challenges was taken away from me."

We sympathize with Shannon, believe me. But the COVID-19 situation is temporary. Good comes out of everything, and we can use this period of limited activity as an opportunity for growth. Besides reflecting on our priorities, we can connect more deeply with others.

Each and every one of us has something to give:

  • A child can draw a picture that warms a discouraged heart.
  • An insecure teenager can be a hero for isolated neighbours by delivering groceries to them.
  • A grandmother from her wheelchair can listen to and console a grieving friend with her wisdom.

We all have a role to play, and our self-giving is irreplaceable.

At PAFE, we are NOT passive. We help others because it’s the right thing to do. We want to build a healthy society, and the way to do that is to put people and families first.

Want to Help?

  1. Take some time each day to reach out to someone. Ask them how they’re coping with the current situation, listen to them, encourage them, offer them help.
  2. Ask your kids or grandchildren to draw a picture, tell a few jokes or send a card to someone lonely.
  3. Do you know someone who is alone who would appreciate a phone call or letter? If so, email [email protected], and a friend will reach out to them. Please ask them ahead of time if they would like to be contacted, and if they would give PAFE permission to have their contact information and give it to a volunteer.
  4. If you or your children are willing to call or send cards to those who are isolated, please also let us know.
  5. Forward this email to your family and friends.

We can’t allow loneliness, anxiety or fear to pervade. COVID-19 social distancing gives us the opportunity to experience what J.F. Holmes learned: “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

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Best regards,

Queenie Yu

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