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A revised Ontario educational policy (PPM 128), issued in October, 2018, states that public school board Codes of Conduct should be consistent with the Provincial Code of Conduct, which contains those terms. 

The Ontario Human Rights Commissioner sent a letter pressuring trustees to place the terms in the Code. Her letter appears to be tone-deaf to the trustees’ obligations to support the denominational rights of the schools.

Ontario Catholic school boards possess denominational rights that allow them to pursue policies that support the Catholic nature of the schools.  These rights are protected in section 93 of the Constitution, and they cannot be overridden by provincial legislation.  This means that separate schools are not bound to follow regulations that interfere with a right or privilege attached to denominational teaching.

During the board’s deliberations on the matter, the Archdiocese of Toronto’s representative told the board that the terms should not be placed into the Code of Conduct.  The Church is firmly against the teaching of gender identity theory, that gender is fluid and not connected to a person’s biology.

Remember, Pope Francis himself compared gender theory to “the educational policies of Hitler” and declared “Gender ideology is demonic!” 

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  • Giovanna Held
    commented 2019-11-04 13:50:38 -0500
    Your help is needed to inform people about this.