Grade 5: Are you male, female, gender diverse...

AP Psych Test


For Grade 5 and 6 students: Are you?
□   Male
□   Female
□   Gender Diverse
□   Prefer not to be identified by gender
□   Other gender

And for Grades 9-12 students: What is your sexual orientation?

□    Asexual
□    Bisexual
□    Gay
□    Heterosexual/straight
□    Intersex
□    Lesbian
□    Queer
□    Questioning
□    Two-spirit
□    Don’t know
□    I prefer not to say
□    I do not see myself reflected above
□    Please specify your sexual orientation in the box below if you do not see yourself reflected above.

[Yes, that's right, heterosexual is listed as the fourth of thirteen options.]


These are two of the questions children in the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) are being asked as part of a School Climate Survey.

The Toronto Sun reported over the weekend that this survey, part of a Wynne edict dating back to 2012, asks students as young as 10-years-old questions about their “gender identity” and their recent “s/xual messaging” activities.

The Ministry of Education provides a template of the “School Climate” survey but school boards can create their own surveys.

York Region District School Board has done just that.

As Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy writes, “A review of the ministry survey templates suggests YRDSB officials not only developed their own survey, but it appears to go off the charts in terms of intrusiveness and questions one might consider inappropriate for 10-year-olds.”

According to The Sun article, parents are informed about these surveys, but they are not necessarily informed of the specific content of the questions their children are being asked. Students are given 30 minutes during class to complete the survey.

Under the guise of bullying prevention, the survey scheme appears as a data collection exercise—which in itself is problematic—but in fact, acts as a tool of indoctrination. It's clear by the questions the Board is trying to normalize gender theory to children who are still trying to navigate basic arithmetic.

Parents need to be aware, if they aren’t already, that Kathleen Wynne and the Ministry of Education have many tools in their bag of tricks to get at our children. The “school climate” survey is one of these tools.

The Ministry of Education has a web page that includes the survey template, for those that are interested. A heads up- the template was developed way back in 2009, before the wave of political correctness, gender theory, and Wynne's s/x-ed hit our schools.

Tanya Granic Allen

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