Federal Conservative Leadership Voting Guide

Click the image below to see a video explaining the voting guide with step by step instructions, OR scroll down for the written version of the voting guide.






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  • Nicholas Ferreira
    commented 2017-05-17 18:21:30 -0400
    Hello Tanya,
    I received the envelope from you with the PAFE voting instructions, and while I generally support your excellent work and approach to issues, I was dismayed to find that you are endorsing only two candidates in the CPC Leadership Race.
    The implicit message you are sending is that elections, and human nature itself, is black and white. That liberal Leitch and 100% pro-life voting Scheer are equally bad.
    You are saying that if our two people are knocked out, we’ll let someone else decide who to represent us, whether that’s Deepak or Bernier, we really don’t care.
    You withhold support from candidates who can also do great good to the pro-family cause while attracting a wider voter base that is needed to win.
    Don’t get me wrong: Lemieux tops by ballot, and Trost is very high too. But in addition to them I included 8 other candidates—candidates who may not be perfect, but who are certainly preferable to the 3 I didn’t vote for. FYI, I have Andrew Scheer as #2, an incredibly solid candidate.
    By doing this, I block those I absolutely would not like to see in power. I vote with my values and ensure my vote is not wasted. I recognize that no one is perfect.
    This is all possible through the beauty of this tiered ballot system.
    I hope others will do the same and fill out their whole voting card, or close to it.
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