Even Federal leadership candidates are paying attention

CPC MP Brad Troost




Patrick Brown’s latest blunder—the very public muzzling of MPP Rick Nicholls as I explained to you last Thursday—has caught the attention of candidates for the leadership of the federal Conservative Party as an example of how not to be a conservative.

Leadership candidate and Saskatchewan MP Brad Trost criticized Patrick Brown’s muzzling of social conservatives in the Ontario PC party, saying that, “Patrick Brown seems to have embraced the liberal narrative that the only way conservatives can win is if they act like liberals.” Trost calls this is a “losing strategy.”

Leadership candidate and former MP Pierre Lemieux has said, “Every day, in my home province of Ontario, social conservatives are being told to sit down and shut up,” and that, “We need to show social conservatives in Ontario and across Canada that they are not alone. That their views are not only legitimate, but shared.”

Great words from true conservatives!

Meanwhile, Patrick Brown is attempting to turn attention away from his blatant blunderings on the s/x-ed issue—his flip-flops and muzzling of dissenters—by focusing on fiscal concerns. In an interview with Christina Blizzard at the Toronto Sun Brown said he doesn’t “want people pushing social issues...If that means reining in some of my own staff or members, or activists, then I’m prepared to do it.”

However, the issue of parental rights in education is hardly going away—it’s becoming more and more important in countries around the globe as governments encroach on parental authority. As true conservatives, Trost and Lemieux recognize this. Patrick Brown, on the other hand, tries to dodge the issue.

Blizzard ends her column by asking rhetorically, “Why not just cut the social conservatives loose from the PC Party? The answer she gives: “Because the electoral math doesn’t add up.”

In other words, Patrick Brown still needs our votes. 

You and I need to continue to band together and defend parental rights here in Ontario. I wish our rights weren't being threatened. I wish I didn't have to take time away from my family to do this work. But it must be done. If we simply sit and do nothing, Wynne and others in positions of power will steam roll over our rights.

Parents are a huge voting block in Ontario. Let's exercise this power.


Tanya Granic Allen, President

Parents As First Educators

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