Doug Ford is Confused, Just Like the Children Will Be


On August 23 – just two days after the official Doug Ford government announcement confirming that none of the Wynne sex-ed would be repealed – some Ontario PC Party members and PAFE supporters attended an Ontario PC Party volunteer appreciation event in Mississauga to communicate to Doug Ford their disapproval of his flip-flop on repealing the Wynne sex-ed.

During Ford’s meet and greet with party members, one PC Party member asked him how he could possibly support teaching children the unscientific gender identity theory. Remember it was during the 2018 PC Leadership when Doug Ford dismissed gender theory as liberal ideology, and as something that was wrong with the Wynne curriculum! And now he’s continuing the teaching of this theory to children in schools – at any grade!

Click here or the image below to see the exchange for yourself.

In the video, Doug Ford declares:

“I did a lot of opting out”

“I did a lot of changing the gender”

Doug Ford is clearly confused, just as little children will be when their class learns about the gender identity theory from the Ford/Wynne curriculum.

This PC Party member is right: why is Ford continuing with the Wynne sex-ed, and allowing this unscientific theory – or “liberal ideology” as Doug previously put it – to be taught to kids? No one likes a flip-flopper. We didn’t like it with Patrick Brown, and we don’t like it with Doug Ford.

I'm glad PAFE supporters are challenging our politicians on this critical issue. We need our politicians to know when they blatantly lie to the people- especially in matters dealing with children- there will be outrage. Please forward this email to others so that they may be kept in the loop.

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For the family,

Tanya Granic Allen

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