Disgraced Trustee resigns seat in Waterloo Catholic school board over allegations of racism

Disgraced trustee Wendy Ashby resigned her position as trustee of the Waterloo Catholic District school board, according to a statement she released on Sunday night.

The resignation follows the discovery of multiple tweets from the trustee that outraged members of the local community for their racist and sexist content. 

Teresa Pierre, President of Parents as First Educators (PAFE), said “People like Wendy Ashby, who promote religious bigotry, hatred and racism are completely unsuited for public office. PAFE is glad that Ashby has finally resigned.”

A first tweet from October 16, 2022 read: "The most dangerous creature on the planet is the white Christian male. They're a threat to anyone that is not them. #truth #facts #misogyny #whiteentitlement #racism #homophobia."

While commenting in March on the 2023 provincial budget’s allocation of money for Personal Support Workers (PSW), Ashby tweeted that the money was “hush money” to buy PSWs’ silence about being underpaid.  Ashby said at that time “White women make obedient soldiers for the christofascist patriarchy."

 At its May 1 meeting, the Waterloo Catholic board appointed an investigator to determine whether Ashby’s tweets violated the board Code of Conduct.

 Ashby says she has decided to pre-empt that decision by vacating her seat, saying that she has been a victim of “harassment” from “outside interest groups that have their own agenda.”

One of those “outside interest groups” was Parents as First Educators. “PAFE is pleased to have worked with trustees and a coalition of local parents these past few weeks to bring the situation of Wendy Ashby to light and to have pressured her to resign,” said Teresa Pierre of PAFE.


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  • Luanne Ashe
    commented 2023-05-15 18:04:20 -0400
    The fact that people who voted for this person did NOT do proper due diligence concerning her CHARACTER in advance is deplorable.

    It’s very easy to do background searches just using the internet.
  • Teresa Pierre
    published this page in BLOG 2023-05-15 10:59:18 -0400