Damage Control

Sam Oosterhoff


Can we believe anything that Patrick Brown says? All politicians are under scrutiny by the media and voters over what they say and what they actually do, but in the curious case of Patrick Brown, scrutiny has become general disbelief.

The s/x-ed issue has again been in the media spotlight due to Sam Oosterhoff’s win of the PC candidacy in Niagara West-Glanbrook last weekend. The media quickly portrayed Oosterhoff’s win as a major upset to Patrick Brown’s plans for the party, and as “revenge” for Brown’s public rejection of social conservatives last month in the wake of his s/x-ed flip-flopping.

Patrick Brown’s response?

According to the Canadian Press, “Brown said Oosterhoff's nomination for the Nov. 17 byelection was ‘absolutely not’ an anti-establishment vote, or payback from party supporters who were angered by his change of position on the s/x-ed update passed by the Liberal government.”

The CP article also claims that Brown said Oosterhoff is onside with the leader's position to support the updated curriculum. “Sam has told me unequivocally that he is enthusiastic about the direction that I'm taking the party,” Brown said.

Similar statements made by Brown were reported elsewherethis week, and an editor at the Ottawa Citizen tweeted a statement Brown made on the issue.

Talk about damage control, a mode that Patrick Brown can’t seem to get out of.

Oosterhoff has not yet responded to media requests for interviews, and so, we have only Patrick Brown’s statements to go on. This is not saying much. We know very well that the words that have come out of Brown’s mouth since he started running for the PC leadership have a tendency of failing to live up to their meaning at some later date.

Brown’s flip-flopping on the s/x-ed curriculum and suspicious denial of knowing about the release of his infamous “scrap s/x-ed” letter during last month’s byelection in Scarborough Rouge-River have left nearly everyone but his most die-hard supporters questioning his leadership ability, including his honesty and integrity.

And while there are other issues important to Ontarians, like hydro costs, nothing is as important to people as their children’s well-being, and nothing angers parents more than the government interfering with their authority over their children’s upbringing. The crisis of a hefty hydro bill pales in comparison to the crisis of the state attempting to sexualize one’s child.

The s/x-ed issue and Patrick Brown’s abysmal handling of it will continue to dog him as he contends for the leadership of Ontario.

And Patrick Brown will continue to do damage control as he has done this week. With all his blundering, he’s becoming an expert at it.

By the way, if anyone has been in touch with Sam Oosterhoff and talked with him about all this, let me know at [email protected]


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