PAFE Bill C-6 Brief

PAFE submitted a brief to educate MPs about the threats to parental rights contained in Bill C-6, the “Conversion Therapy” Bill. 

We invite you to read the full brief by clicking here.

Here is a short summary:

PAFE Submission to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights re. Bill C-6, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy)

Bill C-6 is an unbalanced attempt to limit the options for guiding individuals who are exploring their gender identity and sexual orientation. We say “unbalanced” because it would allow parents to choose “affirmation therapies” for their children but, at the same time, it would prevent the same parents from seeking therapy that potentially would reinforce their children’s identification with their birth gender or with a heterosexual sexual orientation.

Parents as First Educators contests that Bill C-6 is an unacceptable restraint on parental authority. It would unnecessarily exclude therapies that have a proven record of success, and force children toward medical treatments and therapies that are experimental, have a limited testing record, and can leave youth with significant, long term health consequences.

Our analysis shows why Bill C-6 should be rejected, because it:

  • Falsely assumes that sexual orientation and gender identity cannot change.
  • Forces children toward a therapeutic pathway of affirmative medicine that is associated with significant medical risks and permanent sterility, about which they are incapable of giving informed consent.
  • Deprives parents of therapeutic options for their gender dysphoric and same-sex attracted children that have been proven to be beneficial.
  • Threatens the parental right to direct their children’s health care.
  • Violates the parental right to guide their children’s education.

Bill C-6 had two days of hearings last week. Tomorrow is the last day that the committee will hear witnesses, and then they move to clause-by-clause consideration of Bill C-6 on Thursday, Dec. 10.  The final vote could come as soon as next week, or it may be postponed until after Christmas break, when Parliament resumes the third week of January, 2021.

Watch the archived hearings of the Justice Committee by clicking here and scrolling down to “Meetings.”

Please help us STOP Bill C-6!  If you have not yet written a letter to your MP, it is of urgent importance that you write now.


With potentially a week to go before the final vote, it is crucially important to email your MP and ask them to vote against Bill C-6. If you need help writing your letter, click here.

Please email me at [email protected] and let me know that you contacted your MP. Also, let me know what they say. Ask your family and friends who live near you to contact their MP as well.

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  • Sid Snider
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    All you MP’s, your goal is to do the legal requests of WILL OF voters who elected you to represent us. THIS DOES NOT MEAN EXERCISE YOUR PERSONAL AGENDA. If this passes you have taken away our charter rights and freedoms. Like it or not you WILL ANSWER TO A HIGHER POWER.
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