Bill C-16, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and you

Have you heard of C-16, the transgender bill? 

It’s that piece of legislation brought forward by the Trudeau Liberals as one of their priorities when they came to power.

In a nutshell, if Bill C-16 is passed, Canada will become hostile to anyone who disagrees with or doesn’t subscribe to “gender theory.”

The bill amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination, and also amends the Criminal Code to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of protections in the Code.

If C-16 is passed, individuals who disagree with or don’t subscribe to gender theory could face criminal charges.

This brings me to Dr. Jordan Peterson. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He’s the professor at University of Toronto who is taking a public stand against political correctness. He refuses to use the “transgender” pronouns “zhe” “zer” “zim” etc. He’s also sounding the alarm for C-16.

Refusing to address someone by their chosen/preferred pronoun will be considered discrimination under C-16.

And you can imagine the ramifications of Bill C-16 for schools and families.

Faith-based schools already face considerable pressure to accommodate “transgender” students. If Bill C-16 is passed this pressure will only intensify. Biological males who identify as female requesting access to girls’ washrooms and change rooms is a major area of concern.

Bill C-16 is part of the onslaught of attacks on the family in Canada. It poses a threat to the freedoms that protect the family from the state, and even poses a threat to the safety of our children.

In October 2016, the House of Commons voted by a margin of 248 to 40 to pass Bill C-16—with no public hearings. The bill is now being debated in the Senate.

What can YOU do?

There’s a Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Campaign going on right now. On May 27th party members will vote to decide who will be their new leader. PAFE has met with some of the leadership candidates and we’ve been keeping a close eye on this race. The result has serious implications for our families.

So far two candidates are supportable, and a third one can be considered.

MP Brad Trost and former MP Pierre Lemieux have excellent voting records on bills pertaining to family and life issues. In fact, Brad Trost voted AGAINST C-16 just last month. Pierre Lemieux isn’t a sitting MP so he could not vote. However, we know if he had been able to, he would have voted to protect Canadian families with common sense.

As such, we strongly urge you to take out a membership for the Conservative Party of Canada so that you will be eligible to vote for a pro-parental rights and pro-family candidate.

MP Andrew Scheer is also running. We know Andrew has voted the right way for family and life issues. He even voted AGAINST C-16 in the recent vote. However, we have yet to hear from Andrew personally. He ought to be a consideration as well.

The bottom line? There are a few options in this race. However, in order to be eleigible to vote in this leadership contest, you must take out a membership by MARCH 28th 2017.


1) Sign up to be a member by clicking here or by calling the Conservative Party of Canada at 1-866-808-8407 (must be 14yrs or older, a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident)

2) Try to sign up 9 more people (family, friends, any children age 14 and over)

3) Let me know you (and others) have signed up! Email [email protected] or call me at 416-763-7233

Once you let me know, I will inform you and those you have signed up of the important next steps in electing a pro-parental rights and pro-family candidate. Stay tuned...

Tanya Granic Allen, President

Parents As First Educators

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