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As your children head back to school today, many parents are upset that their children will, for another September, return to the same-old, same-old, Kathleen Wynne sex-ed being taught in their class.

Doug Ford promised to repeal it. He repealed nothing. He lied.

Since there aren’t any drastic changes between the Wynne sex-ed and Doug Ford’s “new” curriculum, we encourage you to speak with your child’s teacher about what they plan to teach in sex-ed this year, and see if/how you can best protect your child from harmful materials.

Anything Goes for Sex-Ed Materials

Recall that in court earlier this year, the attorneys for the Ministry of Education stated that any sex-ed materials and topics can be used and taught by any teacher, at any time, for any grade. To read the article, click here.

Teachers must test according to the benchmarks of the curriculum, but they are allowed to bring in outside material to teach any topic in the curriculum. So even if gender identity theory will be tested in grades 7 and 8, teachers can teach it as early as grade 1.


Curriculum night is a good night to ask your child’s teacher what materials they plan to teach in sex education and when, and if that night is too busy for an extended conversation about the lessons, you can always make an appointment for a longer private talk with the teacher.

Many parents believe that certain subjects are introduced at too young of an age, or should not be taught at all – like the unscientific gender identity theory. To prepare you for talking to your child’s teacher, we have prepared a grade-by-grade table of sensitive topics in the curriculum.  Click here to read it.

Ineffective Opt-out

The government has made it policy that parents must receive 20-days notice before sex-ed lessons are to begin so that parents may opt their children out of those classes.

Unfortunately, the opt-out is virtually useless as it doesn’t apply for spontaneous class discussion, or for topics introduced outside of the grade in which it is a teaching expectation. Remember, there is nothing preventing teachers from forcing sensitive topics on children when the government has given teachers carte blanche to teach any topic they like, at any grade, and at any age.

Our best advice to parents as they begin a new school year is as always, talk to your children about what’s going on in their classrooms. And please notify us if you have any concerns about sex-ed topics being taught to your child, whether in the sex-ed classes or outside of them.

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For the family,


Tanya Granic Allen

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