American Girl pushes puberty blockers to its young readers

American Girl is a doll brand that targets a young audience of girls, up to around 12 years of age. In the past, American Girl has focused on creating an interactive doll brand where little girls can personalize their dolls, and buy matching clothes and accessories, and story books, as well as interactive stores with doll restaurants, salons, and the works. 

Now however, American Girl has decided that the traditional and wholesome children’s company is outdated, and dangerous woke ideology is a better fit. 

The company has published an American Girl book, A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image, in which the author introduces the concept of gender expression, and defines terms like cisgender and non-binary. 

The book discusses how little girls who feel unhappy in their bodies can take puberty blockers and explains the idea of transgenderism.

On page 38, printed on a transgender flag heart, is a quote from Jazz Jennings, a boy who transitioned to be a “girl” in 2018, and is one of the youngest people to have transitioned.

Jazz’s quote reads “Being transgender isn’t a medical transition. It’s a process of learning to love yourself for who you are.” Aside from the fact that this is a completely contradictory statement--telling girls that transgenderism is the act of loving yourself for who you are, whilst heavily pushing the most unnatural, untested, and incredibly damaging puberty blockers, hormonal treatments, and surgeries-- it is sending the message of self-hatred, rather than self-love.

In the same segment, the book goes on to explain what body dysmorphia is, and that it doesn’t go away. 

It is horrifying and criminal that a toy company is encouraging little girls to seek medical advice on gender transitioning and transgender procedures. Why must a doll company push these atrocious ideologies onto their extremely young and vulnerable audience? Why does American Girl think that it is okay to teach 10-year-old CHILDREN about sexuality and harmful things like puberty blockers?

Troublingly, American Girl is interfering with parents and their relationship with their children, by introducing these incredibly damaging and dangerous ideologies to an incredibly vulnerable audience.  Part of the book’s message even teaches children to seek transition without their parents’ consent! 

You wouldn't know it from the book's website advertisement though.  On the American Girl website, the preview of the book includes chapters that cover topics like exercise and beauty.  They intentionally exclude the parts of the book that tell little girls to hate their bodies, loathe their appearance, and the solution is to go behind their parents’ backs to talk to doctors about puberty blockers.

A child’s innocence is such a precious thing.  It should be protected, not undermined by companies like American Girl who have fallen so far from being a child-positive company.  If you were thinking of purchasing American Girl products this Christmas, we suggest holding onto your money instead.

Even better, please write to the CEO of American Girl Dolls to send a message that gender transitioning is an inappropriate subject matter for young children.:

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Barbarella Coates
P.O. Box 620497
Middleton, WI 53562-0497

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