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I recently sent you a link to Take Back Our PC Partyan initiative to hold Patrick Brown to account from within the PC Party of Ontario. Many, many of you have responded and joined this initiative. Bravo. Please, if you are interested and you haven't yet signed up for this, then check out this website today at - this is important!

This week, yet another opportunity to have some impact on the Ontario PCs has come to my attention. This came from the Ontario PC Party a few days ago:

With our upcoming Election Readiness and Policy Convention just 75 days away, it is time to make sure that your PC Membership is up to date. The deadline to renew your membership to be eligible to participate in the policy development and voting process is September 14th. Click here to renew now. Voting on policy resolutions will take place online prior to the convention and every member of the Ontario PC Party is welcome to participate.  In the coming weeks, members will receive a notice in their mailbox with voting details. Please be sure to renew your PC membership by September 14th so you receive the voting details.

Further to this, Campaign Life Coalition sent out an email yesterday, urging its supporters to join the PC Party in order to vote on the various upcoming policies.

FROM Campaign Life Coalition:

Can Brown be trusted not to rig the online vote?

“No, he can’t. We have to admit that up front. Over the past few months, there have been reports of Brown’s thugs stuffing ballot boxes at nomination meetings with fraudulent ballots in order to “fix” the vote for a particular candidate. However, if Brown were to cheat, it would be at his peril. Everyone would know that he rigged the voting to keep out certain policies. These things always tend to come out. That, in turn, would accelerate the growing calls for a Leadership Review to replace Brown… which would be good for social conservatives and give us the opportunity to elect a new Leader who’s not hostile to the party’s so-con base. Therefore, we can honestly say that participation in the voting process by pro-life/pro-family members will make it a win-win situation no matter the vote result. If the so-con policies pass, we win. If they don’t pass, but it helps us give Brown the boot as Leader, we win.”

“...if Brown were to cheat, it would be at his peril”. Well, so far, if one can believe the media reports, there are many allegations that Brown and his team have been cheating for months.  [For more information, go to Take Back Our PC Party Facebook Page for the articles.]

PAFE does not share CLC’s optimism about the integrity of the process promised by the Ontario PC Party, nor do we think that social conservative participation in this process constitutes a “win-win situation no matter the vote result.”

However, the PC Party of Ontario is not the personal property of Patrick Brown. Ontario parents who are traditional PC supporters ought to register some sort of protest against his hijacking of their party. This is one way to make that protest.

For those who have not entirely given up on the PC Party, it does seem potentially worthwhile to attempt one last effort at trying to have an impact on the Ontario Conservatives who, after all, are currently leading the opinion polls and couldl very well form the next government of Ontario.

So, in the spirit of presenting PAFE supporters the full range of options for political action (I always try my best to give you the straight goods and all the info possible), I am asking you -- conscious that the results that are eventually announced might not reflect the views of participants -- to consider joining the PC Party of Ontario before 11:59 pm today and then voting in their online policy process. CLICK HERE:

Together for the family,

Tanya Granic Allen

IMPORTANT PS: If you do sign up before tonight's 11:59 pm deadline, I have two further suggestions. Firstly, when you sign up, you will see an option to indicate to the PC Party who suggested that you join/ who recruited you. Please DO NOT fill in this section – this is a bit of trap designed to make it easier for Patrick’s cronies to identify you as PAFE supporter. So leave that part blank! Secondly, once you sign up, please email me at [email protected] and let me know that you joined. We will keep a record of this and will include you in special update emails of interest to those who have signed up for this project.

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