A new school year, another opportunity to speak up.






Phew! You survived the first two weeks of school. 

Perhaps your children (or grandchildren) started school for the first time this year, and you've had to help them adjust to a new routine, new bus schedule, and new teachers. Perhaps some of you have decided to homeschool your children and are now dealing with curriculum choices, schedules, and programming. 

For many of you, your children are in the publicly funded school system, and with a new year comes new challenges. Some you're trying to find a way to maneuver around the Wynne sex-ed being taught in your child's classroom. Perhaps you're trying to find a way to explain to your child why their friend last year was called Mark, but now wants to be called Molly. 

Regardless of the challenges you will face - and you will face them - I implore you to take a stand against the social indoctrination which has infected our schools. It's important to speak out and defend your parental rights for the protection of your children. Need some inspiration? How about the following... 

A new case in the UK shows that individual parents are willing to take a stand, including legal action, against the new school policies that favour transgender ideology over parental rights.

Nigel and Sally Rowe from the Isle of Wight have had to take both their children out of school because of the pressure their children faced to go along with the new transgender fad. Now, they’re preparing to sue the school for discriminating against them by implying their wish to bring up their sons as Christian is ‘transphobic’.

Mr. Rowe told The Sunday Times: “A child aged six would sometimes come to school as a girl or sometimes come to school as a boy. Our concerns were raised when our son came back home from school saying he was confused as to why and how a boy was now a girl.” 

“We believe it is wrong to encourage very young children to embrace transgenderism, boys are boys and girls are girls. Gender dysphoria is something we as Christians need to address with love and compassion, but not in the sphere of a primary school environment.” 

Watch the video of the Rowe’s describing their situation here

Meanwhile, the story of Patrick Mitchell in Australia, a boy who “transitioned” to a girl only to realize that he really was a boy, has been a huge story in the media this past week.

John Whitehall, a pediatrician and professor at the University of Western Sydney, commented about the new transgender fad and the surgeries and hormone treatments that are resulting from it: “It’s the most incomprehensible thing I’ve come across in all my time of medicine. Prepubertal children have no idea about sexuality and choices of procreation afterwards.” 

“Incomprehensible” is a good word to describe the situation. Yet it is happening. But what can one do about this major assault on parental rights?

Like I've said many times before, we must speak out: with our families, among our friends, and in society. We must not accept this harmful social indoctrination of our children. We must be active. We must protest. 

“But what to do and what to say”, you ask? Queenie Yu and I will give presentations throughout Ontario to train concerned citizens to respond to the attacks against our children and traditional values. If you’re interested in being trained or to invite us to speak to your group, please email me at [email protected]. To help us train more people, please make a donation to PAFE today.

For the family, 

Tanya Granic Allen

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