"Conversion Therapy" Bill is Back, and It's as Bad as Ever

You might think that with Canada struggling in the midst of a global pandemic, saddled with a stagnant economy and a growing debt passing the one $1-trillion mark, Justin Trudeau would want to tackle those issues first now that Parliament is back in session.

But no, like the true radical social ideologues they are, Trudeau’s Liberals have made bringing back the “conversion therapy” bill, virtually unchanged and now called C-6 (formerly called C-8), their top priority.

At the heart of Bill C-6 is the common tactic of the left to change the meaning of words in order to mask the truth.

They condemn and outlaw the idea of helping a child identify with the body they were born with as “conversion therapy”, but celebrate giving a child artificial hormones and irreversible plastic surgery as “gender affirmation”.

This despite the fact that studies prove that over 80% of children who question their gender end up by the age of 18 happily accepting the way they were born.

Justice Minister David Lametti claims that private conversations, or consultations with religious or spiritual leaders, won’t be punished under the proposed legislation. But the language of the new C-6 remains just as vague as C-8 was, and the penalties for those who engage in what a judge might define as “conversion therapy” are clear:

320.‍103 (1) Everyone who knowingly causes a person who is under the age of 18 years to undergo conversion therapy is

(a) guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than five years; or

(b) guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

With Bill C-6, Justin Trudeau continues his campaign of grotesque encroachment by the state on parental rights, the integrity of the family, and religious freedom.

Trudeau is clearly also using the bill to sow division in the Conservative Party. It was tabled on Erin O’Toole’s second day in the House as the new CPC leader. Tragically, O’Toole agrees with the Liberals’ definition of  “conversion therapy”, but he owes his leadership win to down-ballot support of social conservatives. The first choice of many of these voters was Derek Sloan, an MP who vigorously opposed C-8, correctly associating it with child abuse.

During the leadership campaign, O’Toole said that Conservative MPs would be allowed to vote their consciences. The Bloc Quebecois have already announced they will support C-6.

We are in the midst of a culture war, but sexual and gender ideologues like Justin Trudeau should leave children out of it. Legislation like Bill C-6 is designed to make ruining the lives of children easier, while at the same time eroding the rights of those who would protect them.


 Can you help by:

  • Signing our NEW petition StopBillC6.com by clicking here

  • Calling and writing to your Member of Parliament today telling him/her NOT to support Bill C-6. Find instructions by clicking here

  • Calling and writing to Erin O’Toole to tell him that Bill C-6 is unsupportable and will punish parents for trying to help their children in times of confusion. Find his contact info by clicking here

  • Forwarding this email to at least 5 of your family members and friends.

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  • Alex Li
    commented 2021-09-16 20:22:55 -0400
    Lmao can’t wait for you old kooks to keel over already. Times are changing and so is our understanding of the relationship between gender, sex and identity, as well how society impacts those expressions. It’s an incredibly dense and nuanced part of the social sciences, with a massive oeuvre of scientific and social research backing it up. It’s a shame your archaic perceptions of the world will prevent you from actually learning something useful. Though with the complexity of the topic in mind, it’s unsurprising that your aging and rapidly deprecating minds simply can’t reconcile new ideas in the face of the old ones. Regardless, enjoy your twilight years and the company of your loved ones while they still can, as I am sure that they too are growing weary of your constant ramblings and yearning for yester-year, it won’t be long now before all you have in life is this dying blog, which has yet to attract anything more than an elderly population with antiquated views.
  • Stella Siu
    commented 2021-01-22 15:02:06 -0500
    Stop Bill C-6
  • David Eygenraam
    commented 2020-10-10 23:03:43 -0400
    Parents are the ones with responsibility for raising their children and must retain the rights to bring them up with their morality standards as dictated by their beliefs and faith.
    The government has no place dictating moral codes.
  • Kirk Van Tornhout
    commented 2020-10-09 19:00:10 -0400
    Stay out of our homes
  • Barbara Thompson
    commented 2020-10-09 14:46:29 -0400
    Please vote against Bill C-6! Do the right thing!
  • Rosanna Evans
    commented 2020-10-09 11:25:56 -0400
    Stop the bill; this will hurt many of those who, like me, wanted out of the gay/bisexual lifestyle. They have a right to be helped, too!
  • Philip Hammond
    commented 2020-10-09 08:22:57 -0400
    Stop the bill
  • Gloria Monkhouse
    commented 2020-10-08 12:48:23 -0400
    Stop this bill!
  • Teresa Pierre
    published this page in BLOG 2020-10-08 11:26:33 -0400