2018 PC Party Endorsements


Dear Friend,

I promised I would give you some guidance on the executive races. After weeks of careful thought and deliberation, PAFE endorses the following:

Bola Otaraki- 3rd VP
Tim Iqbal - 7th VP
Michelle Simard - Secretary

For various reasons, PAFE will not be endorsing anyone in the following races:

President: Brian Patterson, Jim Karahalios

1st VP: Chris Loreto, Hayden Faus

5th VP: Heather Kenny, Mary MacNeill

9th VP: Meagan Moulton, Vincent Ho

Fund South Central: John Vail, D'arcy Keene

I'm sure each of these candidates have some redeeming qualities, and some of them have even reached out to me for an endorsement. However, I don't have enough good reasons to say you should vote for one person over the other.

Drop in any time between 7 and 10 am TODAY - Sunday November 18. Remember to bring your identification which contains both photo and address.

Please be in the plenary room at 10 am sharp to vote for important constitutional amendments that I proposed. For me, the most important are those regarding PC nomination meetings; keeping them public, open and democratic. These amendments are amendments #3 and #4, and will be considered very shortly after 10 am. Please help make the PC Party one that truly reflects the grassroots members!

See you soon,


Tanya Granic Allen, President

P.S. Please vote for Tim Iqbal for 7th VP, Bola Otaraki for 3rd VP and Michelle Simard for Secretary. 

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