Government Petition Calling for Inquiry into Sex-Change Therapies for Minors

PAFE is seeking to assist MP Derek Sloan, who is calling for a National Inquiry into the mass medical gender transitioning of vulnerable and at risk children and adolescents in Canada.

Sloan is supporting an initiative of transgender activist Jenn Smith, who is also a former foster child.

Can you help by adding your signature to their government petition calling for a National Inquiry?

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As we told you on Wednesday, Smith has been calling for provincial and national inquiries into the promotion of gender transitioning by public health authorities for the last two years.

Smith says politicians in Canada have a moral imperative to investigate what he is calling “a crime against our most vulnerable children.”  

He cites evidence that foster children, autistic children, and indigenous children are transitioning at startlingly high and disproportionate rates (fifteen to twenty times more than children without these issues).

Smith argues that the medical side effects of cross-sex hormones are severe and as yet understudied. “Lupron,” said Smith, “is associated with all kinds of potentially serious side effects including bone density issues and the stunting of genital development and possible permanent sterilization.”

A high proportion of patients who begin cross-sex medications will end up requesting “gender affirming surgery” when they turn 18.

Smith also notes that parental rights are falling victim to current public health policies on the treatment of transgender youth.  One prominent example would be BC parent Robert Hoogland, whose parental rights have been set aside during the state-supported transition of his fourteen-year old daughter. 

What is behind these shockingly high rates of transition among these vulnerable populations?

Smith and Sloan are calling for a moratorium and a government investigation to discover the truth.

A government e-petition needs 500 signatures to be read in the House of Commons. Only Canadians can sign, but Americans are urged to send the information on to Canadian friends and family.

Also, PLEASE NOTE: There is a formatting error that resulted in "residents of Abbotsford" in the text, please just ignore that as the Clerk of petitions has assured the sponsors that the e-petition can be signed by all Canadians.


  • Please sign the government petition to protect vulnerable kids against being rushed into gender transitioning!

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