Cursing Mother's Day










The attack on the family is relentless. It just won’t let anything go by without attempting to rearrange reality and denigrating what we cherish.

Mother’s Day pretty much means one thing: a day to celebrate mom. Flowers, brunch, it all seems so simple. But it’s not, at least not for the ideologues.

A school in B.C. is attempting to cancel it, or at least put a big dent in it. Children in grades 1 and 2 will not be making gifts at school to give to mom on Mother’s Day “in an effort to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and also to nurture our students who are part of non-traditional families.”


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More shocking behaviour from Catholic teachers

Remember the drama surrounding GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances) in 2012?

Many parents were concerned that these student clubs in schools were just a vehicle for social engineering of our children, under the guise of bullying prevention.

While some Catholic school boards dismissed the name GSA and instead opted for "Respecting Differences" club, many Catholic schools operate clubs with the GSA title.

OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association) recently released a video they created which promotes the "success" of a Gay-Straight Alliance club at St. Thomas Villanova Catholic school in LaSalle, ON located in the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.

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He asked Queenie what?!



When Queenie Yu and I appeared before the Committee on Justice Policy on April 6, one MPP had the audacity to question why he should even bother listening to Queenie.

"Given that you’re so opposed to [the Wynne sex-ed curriculum], why should we really listen to you now as we’re reviewing [Bill 89] to protect children?”

This is what Liberal MPP Arthur Potts, a member of the committee, asked Queenie. Many of us in the audience were appalled that a sitting MPP would ask why he should listen, when it is his job to listen to the public.

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What does Dr. Jordan Peterson have to say about Bill 89?



Recently, Queenie Yu and I had the opportunity to sit down with free speech hero Dr. Jordan Peterson to discuss Bill 89 and its dangers. Click the video image above to see what Dr. Peterson had to say on this important issue.

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Grade 5: Are you male, female, gender diverse...

AP Psych Test


For Grade 5 and 6 students: Are you?
□   Male
□   Female
□   Gender Diverse
□   Prefer not to be identified by gender
□   Other gender

And for Grades 9-12 students: What is your sexual orientation?

□    Asexual
□    Bisexual
□    Gay
□    Heterosexual/straight
□    Intersex
□    Lesbian
□    Queer
□    Questioning
□    Two-spirit
□    Don’t know
□    I prefer not to say
□    I do not see myself reflected above
□    Please specify your sexual orientation in the box below if you do not see yourself reflected above.

[Yes, that's right, heterosexual is listed as the fourth of thirteen options.]


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Child protection and Bill 89 - overreach?




The name “Barnevernet” doesn’t sound very ominous to Canadian ears, but Barnevernet, Norway’s child protection service agency, gets up to some pretty horrifying things.

It was Barnevernet that seized all five children in the Bodnariu family in late 2015, citing that the parents’ Christian beliefs and use of corporal punishment would harm the children.

The Bodnariu case captured the attention and outrage of the international community of parental rights advocates. A petition was launched and garnered 50,000 signatures. Protests took place in cities around the world. An international group of lawyers, professors and politicians signed their own petition and submitted it to Norway’s prime minister calling on her to intervene.

Thanks to this international pressure, the Bodnariu children were returned to their parents in June 2016—a lawyer who worked on the case said if it hadn’t been for this pressure, the children would never have been returned.


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Finding your voice


Do you ever feel like the world around us is going crazy?

Nowadays, boys can be considered girls, and girls can be considered boys. Children are being taught a s/x-ed curriculum written by a convicted child p*rnographer, and supported by both Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown. Parents are being pushed out and the state is increasingly inserting itself into family life.

For the future of Ontario, families must find their voice. It is all too easy to put your head in the sand, but where will that leave you? The more we choose to stay silent as Kathleen Wynne pushes her s/x-ed agenda onto our children, the more freedom we give up.

We cannot afford to be silent. We must speak out. We must act.

With just a little effort, there are at present a couple of ways to voice your concerns.


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Did they really call him a bigot?

Senator Don Plett


Totally unacceptable.

A Conservative Senator was accused this week of being a “bigot” simply for requesting adequate time to study and prepare speaking notes for debating Bill C-16, the Trudeau government’s “transgender rights” bill that we informed you about in a recent email.

The bill amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination, and also amends the Criminal Code to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of protections in the Code.

If C-16 is passed, individuals who disagree with or don’t subscribe to gender theory could face criminal charges. If passed, it will have an impact on freedom of speech, as well as having implications for families, children and parental rights.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a University of Toronto professor has been sounding the alarm over this bill for several months now.

This bill was rushed through the House of Commons last fall without any public hearings. Now, attempts are being made to rush it through the Senate, via ugly mudslinging tactics like calling a Senator a bigot.


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Bill C-16, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and you

Have you heard of C-16, the transgender bill? 

It’s that piece of legislation brought forward by the Trudeau Liberals as one of their priorities when they came to power.

In a nutshell, if Bill C-16 is passed, Canada will become hostile to anyone who disagrees with or doesn’t subscribe to “gender theory.”

The bill amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination, and also amends the Criminal Code to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the list of protections in the Code.

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Wynne's latest attack on the family

Child. Family.

Whenever the Kathleen Wynne government mentions these words my parental rights radar goes into overdrive.

With Ontario’s Bill 89 -Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, Kathleen Wynne is attempting to erode parental authority over their children once more. 

The bill seeks to amend and repeal the Child and Family Services Act and make amendments to other acts. These acts relate to matters dealing with child protection (Children's Aid Society etc.), foster, and adoption services.

I've read the Bill, and the related Acts, and I've conferred with other concerned and like-minded parties. Here's why we all should be concerned about Bill 89:

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