Why We Cannot Support Matt Bondy, Part 1

I have written to you in the past few days about the pro-family candidate for the CPC nomination in your riding of Kitchener-Conestoga, whom I’m thrilled to support. Her name is Carlene Hawley.

I’m delighted that Carlene Hawley is running. She is strong on parental rights, strong on family values, and strong on community roots. She will make a great MP.

But there is another reason that PAFE is supporting Carlene Hawley; Carlene is the ONLY candidate in the race PAFE could possibly support.

Unfortunately, I now must share some troubling information about her only competitor in the race - Matt Bondy.

Some of you might not know that Matt Bondy played a crucial role in keeping the controversial and radical Kathleen Wynne sex ed in Ontario classrooms.

Tanya Granic Allen, who was the head of PAFE at the time, reached out to the office of the Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, several times to work with them to help repeal the sex ed. Matthew Bondy served as her Chief of Staff. Did Tanya ever receive a meeting or a phone call? Nope. Neither Minister Lisa Thompson nor Matthew Bondy met or called Tanya.

PAFE then collected almost 40,000 hand written signatures on a paper petition to the Ontario Legislature, demanding that Ford and Thompson honour the election promise to repeal the Wynne sex ed. During Bondy’s time with Thompson, this petition was totally ignored by the Ford government.

We now know why neither Thompson nor Bondy never bothered to return Tanya’s calls, and why they ignored PAFE’s petition. It seems Ford, and Thompson, and Bondy all conspired to betray Ontario’s parents and to keep the Wynne sex ed. Now we call it the “Ford-Wynne sex ed curriculum”, and Matt Bondy was one of the architects of this betrayal.

Matt Bondy doesn’t want you to know about his role in the infamous Doug Ford “flip-flop” on the sex ed issue. Or, if you knew about this, he wants you to forget.

But PAFE remembers. It’s our job to remind everyone of Bondy and the sex ed betrayal.

What was Matt Bondy’s role in this sordid affair?

Matt Bondy was the Chief-of-Staff to the then-Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson, who oversaw that flawed parental consultation, which was the justification the government used to continue the indoctrination of the children of Ontario with things such as gender identity theory in sex ed class.

Moreover, Matt Bondy had the top political role to the Minister of Education when the Education Ministry declared, in court, that, essentially, the teachers of Ontario can teach whatever they want, when they want, with whichever resources they like. And yes, they can - and still do - teach the Kathleen Wynne sex ed. Click here to read Tanya's write-up of this revelation, back in January 2019. This surrender to the teachers’ unions was executed in open court, by Ontario government lawyers, and at the direction that came from the very top of the Ministry of Education.

So, did Matt Bondy resign in protest of the sex ed flip flop? Nope. He actually got a promotion. I suppose he deserved the promotion: he did Doug Ford’s dirty work in betraying the parents of Ontario.

And then what? After his time in the Education portfolio, Bondy moved on to serve as Doug Ford’s deputy chief-of-staff.

I wish this weren’t true. I wish that Matt Bondy had stood up for the thousands and thousands of children and families of Ontario who petitioned the government to stop teaching the radical sex ed. But he didn’t.

This is why PAFE cannot support Matt Bondy. Doug Ford is guilty of lying to Ontario parents, and broke his promise to repeal the Wynne sex ed. Lisa Thompson and Matt Bondy were there with Ford, every step of the way. Ford quite literally couldn’t have done the sex ed flip-flop without them.

If Matt Bondy couldn’t stand up for parental rights then, why would we think he would stand up in future for you and the many conservative families of Kitchener-Conestoga?

The good news though is that we know Carlene Hawley will stand up for what is right. We support her all the way.

When you receive your emailed ballot to vote (voting will be Feb 21-23) in the CPC nomination in Kitchener-Conestoga, please vote for Carlene Hawley.


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