Sept. 20 PAFE speech

We are all here today for one big reason.

Everyone here wants to do our part to save the children of this country!

My name is Teresa Pierre, and 12 years ago I started a parental rights group here in Ontario.  Eventually it emerged into its current form, Canada’s largest parental rights organization – it’s called PAFE – P – A – F – E - those letters stand for PARENTS – AS – FIRST – EDUCATORS.  The name speaks for itself.

The big question is, how do we fix the mess – the total disaster – that afflicts the schools of Ontario?

You see, the problem is that Ontario parents are far too complacent. WE allowed the situation to get this bad. YOU let this happen. I let this happen. WE let this happen.

And even though we are right, and they are wrong, how did we let the totalitarian fringe group of gender ideologists get as far as they have?

Yes, scientifically, we are on the right side – there are, after all, TWO sexes, male and female…

And yes, when it comes to morality and compassion, we are also on the right side – after all, despite what the gender ideologists might say, it has never happened, in the entire history of the human race – that a child was born into the wrong body. NO CHILD HAS EVER BEEN BORN “INTO THE WRONG BODY” …

And you know full well – even the public opinion polls now confirm this – that when it comes to issues such as GENDER IDEOLOGY and “parental notification” and “parental consent” – the numbers are in our favour.

Supposedly we live in a democracy. So how has this crazed minority outmanoeuvred the parents of Ontario?

Even though the gender ideologists are a small minority, they are influential, and determined. They never stop. They never rest. They never sleep. They are relentless. 

The parents of Ontario (and almost everywhere else, for that matter) have, for the most part, been either totally in the dark and ignorant about what has been going on.  And those that saw that problem have been complacent and not engaged. 

It’s the complacency of ordinary parents that allowed the gender ideologists to hijack the entire education system.

While most parents have been asleep, some of us saw what was coming. I have been active on these issues since 2011.  I recognize many of you here today from the rallies and protests against Kathleen Wynne’s sex ed curriculum in 2014 and 2015. 

Those rallies and other organizational efforts built the foundation for the rallies that are taking place today.

We had a glimmer of hope in early 2018 when Tanya Granic Allen and Doug Ford ran for the Ontario PC Party leadership.  Tanya Granic Allen was my candidate, and she would have been an excellent premier.  Most of Tanya’s supporters eventually voted for Doug Ford as our “second choice.”

Remember when Doug Ford promised to stop gender ideology from being taught in the schools? When he promised to REPEAL the Kathleen Wynne sex ed? When he publicly promised to put Tanya Granic Allen in his cabinet? Even to make her the Minister of Education?

For a few short weeks in the spring of 2018, there was hope.

Of course, we now know that, when it comes to education, and sex ed, and gender ideology, Doug Ford is a LIAR and a FRAUD.   Some of us realized this as soon as Ford betrayed Tanya. The moment Ford overturned Tanya’s PC Party nomination in Mississauga Centre, we knew that Ford was sooner or later, probably sooner, going to betray the parents of Ontario.

This takes me to the second reason that the parents have been losing to the gender ideologists. Even though there are far more of us than there are of them, the political elite cater to the woke mob, to the gender ideologists, to the radical left-wing LGBTQ plus crowd, and to their allies in the media.

Why is this?  Well, you need to know that, first of all many of the political elite who run this country and this province, even those in the Conservative Party of Canada and in the various PC parties, are, themselves “woke” and themselves radical LGBTQ plus and pro gender ideology.  The so-called “conservatives” who ask for your vote are in fact liberals or socialists. They have hijacked the conservative parties.  

As for the rest of the Conservative politicians who aren’t either socialist or radical LGBTQ plus themselves, they cave into their demands because they are afraid.  Afraid of whom?  The politicians are more afraid of the small elite of gender activists and left-wing media than they are of the large number of parents.

And why is this?  Mostly this is because too few parents are involved. Most parents do nothing and say nothing.   When it comes to politicians, especially most of the “conservative” politicians, on these education issues, there is a very old expression that comes to mind: “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

I am not saying that the Ford Conservatives aren’t afraid of the parents. They are. But up to a point. They are more afraid of the radical LGBTQ plus and the media. In other words, the Ford PCs might be afraid of the parents, but they are NOT AFRAID ENOUGH.

Let me explain. It is easy to outline exactly how swift and total was Ford’s betrayal on his sex ed and gender ideology promises.  Ford flip-flopped and broke all his promises because he was afraid of the radical LGBTQ plus faction in his own party, but he rarely personally admitted to this betrayal in public. Almost always, the betrayal was announced from the mouth of one of his minions.

I will only mention two of the most spectacular examples here today. There are many other such examples.

The first came in July of 2018, in his first month in office. Ford’s first Education Minister was the highly forgettable Lisa Thompson. In her very first answer to the very first question that came her way in the legislature, Thompson was asked about her views on the teaching of gender identity theory in Ontario schools. Her answer? I quote: Thompson said: ““We know they need to learn about consent. We know they need to learn about cyber safety, we know they need to learn about gender identity and appreciation.”

And then, a few weeks later, various teacher groups took Ford to court, asserting, basically, that Ford had no right to bring in a new curriculum that banned the Wynne sex ed and, especially, gender ideology. As part of the court case, Ford’s representative in the case, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education Martyn Beckett was asked: “Do you think gender identity is an appropriate subject to be taught to children or do you prefer not to give an opinion on that?” Becket’s response? “Gender identity is absolutely an appropriate subject to be taught to children.”

So, there you have it. Right from the beginning, in 2018, Ford was playing you for a fool. He wanted you to believe that he was for the parents, but at the very same time he was doing exactly the opposite of what he had promised.

Why did he think he could get away with it?  I think it was short-term thinking and arrogance.

It didn’t take long for the teachers and the school boards to realize that they had Ford’s blessing to teach gender ideology in the schools. And thus we had in our education a ticking time bomb.

That’s where we are today.

How do we fix this?

Well, already, because of the obvious wickedness and falsehood of gender ideology, parents are waking up and parental apathy is starting to fade. Proof of that today? Look around you. You are the proof that things are starting to change.  Your presence here today marks the start of the END of parental apathy in Ontario and indeed across Canada.

But what about Ford? Is he still afraid of the parents? Yes.

He and his minister of Education have for weeks now been huffing and puffing empty platitudes about parental rights.  We went four or five years without even hearing those words from the Ontario PCs but they have now returned to “mouthing the words”. It’s a start.

But is Doug Ford afraid enough?  Before today, I would have to say “no, not yet.” How do I know? Because neither Doug Ford nor Stephen Lecce have made even the slightest move towards doing something about the teaching of the unscientific and false and deceitful gender ideology in Ontario schools.  Neither have they even promised to use their power to demand parent consent on the pronoun question.  For goodness’ sake, despite their rhetoric, they haven’t even hinted that they will bring in a parental NOTIFICATION regulation.

But is Doug Ford afraid today? On Wednesday morning, September 2023? Look around you. He probably is afraid.

But is he afraid enough to do something about it?

Here is my final word on that. Don’t trust Doug Ford. Don’t expect him to do anything out of the goodness of his heart, or because it is the right thing to do. That’s not how Doug Ford thinks or behaves.  Doug Ford will always do what he thinks is the “right thing for Doug Ford.”

If Doug Ford does anything for the parents, and the children, of Ontario, it will be only happen when he is not just afraid of the parents, but when he is AFRAID ENOUGH of the parents.

When not just the parents here today show up and make their voices heard, but when they do it again, but with twice the crowd. And again. With even more showing up. And again. And again.

And that, dear friends, is up to you.

Today is just the beginning. For the sake of our children and grandchildren and our friends and their children – please don’t stop.



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  • Barbara Gordichuk
    commented 2023-09-21 09:13:00 -0400
    Good speech. We have to show up politically to defend our innocent children from gender ideology.
  • Barbara Gordichuk
    commented 2023-09-21 09:12:05 -0400
    Good speech. We have to show up and make ourselves here politically to defend our children against gender ideology.