Questions for MPP candidates

Ontario Votes 2022!

Ask candidates these questions:

  • Would you prohibit the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Ontario publicly-funded schools? 

  • Would you support legislation or regulations prohibiting the administration of school surveys to students in publicly-funded Ontario schools without first receiving parental consent?

  • Would you remove gender identity theory in publicly-funded Ontario schools?

  • Would you repeal the Ontario sex-ed program and replace it with an age appropriate one with no gender identity theory in it?

  • Would you support a bill to require parents to be informed when their children express interest in gender transitioning at school?

  • Would you support a law to require parental consent for any medical treatments/services offered in Ontario publicly-funded schools?

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  • Janice McKendrick Kaikkonen
    commented 2022-05-20 09:37:40 -0400
    These are very important questions that require informed responses from those seeking our vote on June 2nd! Let’s never stop asking questions and furthering conversations on issues which will undoubtedly affect generations to come! …