Letter to Minister Stephen Lecce

The Hon. Stephen Lecce, MPP
Minister of Education
5th Flr, 438 University Ave
Toronto, ON M7A 2A5

sent via email: [email protected]

June 27, 2019

Minister Lecce:

Congratulations on your appointment as Minister of Education. As the head of this Ministry, you will oversee the shaping of the minds of future leaders in our great province of Ontario. It is my hope that you take this responsibility earnestly.

As the head of the largest parents stakeholder group in the province, it is my obligation to bring you up to speed on the “happenings” (or lack thereof) with respect to the Kathleen Wynne sex ed repeal.

You are taking over the Education portfolio from MPP Lisa Thompson, whose handling of the sex ed repeal has been nothing short of a complete failure.

As such, I am asking that you immediately suspend the 2019-2020  Doug Ford/Lisa Thompson Sex ed curriculum and actually conduct meaningful consultation with Ontario parents in the development of a new sex ed. Allow me to provide some context.

As you are aware, our Premier Doug Ford made a campaign promise to “repeal and replace” the Kathleen Wynne sex ed curriculum.

On June 9th 2018, shortly after the PC Party won the election, Doug Ford doubled down on this promise in his very first press conference.

Sadly, upon assuming her role as Minister of Education, Lisa Thomspon began her betrayal of Doug Ford’s promise to the parents of Ontario.

Further to Ford’s  promise to “repeal” the Wynne sex ed, there is the issue of Ford’s number one problem area with Wynne’s curriculum. What was the specific example Ford highlighted as a problem with the Wynne sex ed, when he appeared on the Andrew Lawton radio program in February, 2018? Gender Identity theory! When pressed to provide an example of what is wrong with the Wynne sex ed, Ford replied, “tell me what the six genders are?” and referred to the gender identity theory as “liberal ideology”. He further stated that it was “up to the parents to decide…not the government.” Ford added that he couldn’t stand it when the government “forces the ideology that they believe is right.”

Well said, candidate Doug Ford. Unfortunately, the government of Premier Doug Ford has not lived up to the promise of candidate Doug Ford.

On July 16th 2018, in her reply to the very first question asked of her in the Legislature in her capacity as a Minister, Lisa Thompson assured the entire Legislature that all of the essentials of the Wynne sex ed would continue to be taught. Thompson declared: “We know [students] need to learn about consent.  We know they need to learn about cyber safety. We know they need to learn about gender identity and appreciation...”. Gender identity. Ford promised to get off the back of the parents when it came to gender identity theory in February, 2018. By July, 2018 – a scant five months later – that promise was in tatters.

Perhaps that is why the very next day, July 17th 2018, Doug Ford, while speaking with the media about consultations, said: “We want to go and consult with the parents and get their input. Then we’ll move forward with changing the curriculum.”

Sadly, the official government consultation did not target parents whatsoever. No letters were sent home with children in every school. No ads targeting parents were created. Not only were parents not specifically consulted, but anyone with an email address- fake or otherwise- could provide input. Indeed, in this respect, the Ford-Thompson “consultations” were even worse than the Wynne “consultations” of 2015. At the least the thousand or so people consulted in that sham exercise were all verified as parents with children in the school system. The Ford-Thompson process was a fiasco – no one really knows who participated!

Doug Ford himself decried the process as being hijacked by “certain groups”. Doug Ford certainly couldn’t have been referring to PAFE, as we never hijacked any consultation. We did, however, submit over 35,000 signatures attached to our formal petition to the Legislature, which asked that the Minister of Education fully and immediately repeal the Wynne sex ed, including the teaching of gender identity theory; replace it with something age-appropriate and which doesn’t sexualize children; instruct all schools to provide advance notification to parents as to when sex ed lessons are to be taught; and provide an ability to opt-out of whatever new sex ed curriculum was adopted.

PAFE submitted these petitions to each of member of the PC Caucus so they could do their democratic duty and present them in the Legislature. We were aware that Cabinet Ministers are not able to submit petitions, so signatures from Cabinet Ministers’ ridings were instead submitted to the Chief Government Whip, who happened at the time to be my own MPP, Bill Walker. 

In the end, only two MPPs did their job and read our petition in the Legislature: MPP Toby Barrett read it out in full, and MPP Randy Hillier read it out in part. That was it. That was how the PC caucus chose to respect the petitions of their constituents. There were 13 PC MPPs who chose to simply “table” the petitions to the Legislature; that is, unlike MPPs Barrett and Hillier, whose remarks are recorded in Hansard, these MPPs refused to stand up and read the petitions and only quietly submitted them to the clerk. A further 38 PC MPPs who had received signatures for our petition did not even bother to table them to the clerk.

Minister Lecce, our records indicate that you are one of the 38 MPPs who shirked their democratic responsibilities and chose to ignore the voices of Ontarians who petitioned you through the Legislature. You neither read nor tabled the petitions to the Legislature. What was so odious about this old democratic process that you couldn’t bring yourself to honour it? We have heard from various Queen’s Park insiders, including MPPs, various narratives as to how member of caucus were intimidated and threatened in such a way to discourage them from presenting the petition. One version is that Ford’s then Chief of Staff, Dean French, bullied Lisa Thompson, and that she requested MPPs not submit the petitions. Another version has Dean French directly instructing elected members of the legislature to ignore the petition. Was this your experience, Minister Lecce?

Meanwhile, Thompson’s own “consultation” process got underway, using the website www.fortheparents.ca. The Ministry organized various online surveys, townhall teleconference meetings, and accepted “open submissions” from September 28 th 2018 until December 15th 2018.

How many people participated in these “consultations”? According a to a Canadian Press freedom of information request, there were 1600 submitted comments between August 22 and 23 - more than a month prior to the launch of the official public consultations. How is this possible? According to Premier Ford, as reported in the Canadian Press December 18, there were approximately 35,000 submissions. A few days later December 31, the Star quoted Thompson with estimates of 72,000 submissions through the consultations. How many of them were parents? How many of these were actually Ontario residents?

And here is another important question: if the Ministry insists on standing by the 72,000 number, does this include the over 35,000 Ontario residents who submitted their opinions on the sex ed repeal through the Legislature via the PAFE petition? It seems to me rather unlikely that your predecessor considered the submission of these 35,000 Ontario residents for the simple reason that most of the signatures are on petitions that were never actually submitted to the Legislature. They remain either tucked away in the offices of the various PC MPPs who received them, or else were thrown into the garbage by these PC MPPs. What did you do with the petitions that were submitted to your office, Minister Lecce? 

I suppose it never really mattered to Lisa Thompson what the result or process was for the consultation, as she had already made up her mind to keep ALL of the Wynne sex ed, including the unscientific gender identity theory, despite the promises of candidate Doug Ford.

And what could be even worse than keeping the Wynne sex ed curriculum? Lisa Thompson, as Doug Ford’s Minister of Education, found a way to outdo the hard-left ideology of the Wynne Liberals. How is this? Thompson did this through what I call the “Thompson Doctrine of ‘Teachers’ Rights’”. In the January 2019 celebrated court case launched by the Ontario teachers regarding the supposed changes to the sex ed curriculum, Thompson made matters worse than they were under Wynne. Thompson instructed her lawyers to argue, in court, that Ontario teachers were free to teach the Wynne sex ed curriculum, or anything else they chose, and that any topic could be taught at any age. So, for example, even though gender identity theory appearing in the curriculum for children in Grade 8 (which is outrageous enough), teachers could choose to teach students in Grade 1 as much of this unscientific neo-Marxist ideology (or “liberal ideology”, as Doug Ford called it) as the teachers saw fit. This “free for all” in education is the very worst legacy of your predecessor, Lisa Thompson.

Therefore, knowing that Ms. Thompson has made a complete mockery of Doug Ford’s promise to repeal the Wynne sex ed along with his promise for real consultation with Ontario parents, I urge you to suspend the Lisa Thompson sex ed, and engage in meaningful consultation with Ontario parents.

It isn’t too late.

Ontario’s children are counting on you to deliver for them.

Ontario’s parents are counting on you to deliver what Doug Ford promised them.

If you’d like to discuss these matters, you know how to reach me.


Tanya Granic Allen

2336 Bloor Street West, P.O. Box 84556 Toronto, ON  M6S 4Z7
(416) 763-PAFE   [email protected]    www.pafe.ca


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  • Robert Bryenton
    commented 2019-07-15 19:03:08 -0400
    Sam is just sucking up to Ford & his team. Same with Monte McNaughton. Nice christian guys, but afraid to stand up for what they know is right!
  • Coreen Wierenga
    commented 2019-07-15 18:13:50 -0400
    Where was Sam Oosterhoff in all of this. Why did he not present the petition with the other two?
  • Robert Bryenton
    commented 2019-07-13 16:37:06 -0400
  • Samuel Johnson
    commented 2019-07-13 09:27:54 -0400
    I was very upset when Tanya was dismissed I was most impressed with the strong convictions she holds and the convincing manner of her delivery, honestly I started losing confidence in the Conservatives since then, and now with the mismanagement of Doug Ford I’m totally embarrassed to have stood behind his team, something went missing when Tanya left. Thanks Tanya for reminding of the failure on the sex ed file a huge disappointment indeed. I have been so disappointed by the government’s performance I refused to attend Ford Fest this year I bought my own hamburger . Keep us informed Tanya, we love you.
  • Frank LeVAY
    commented 2019-07-12 16:38:46 -0400
    Minister Lecce AND Premier Ford risk totally losing their largest base of supporters, conservative-minded Ontarians, by betraying them on the sex/ed issue. They cannot win a future election without them!
  • Hugh Sutherland
    commented 2019-07-10 09:54:25 -0400
    I agree there. The fact that the minister of ed who designed this curriculum got convicted for pedophilia should have got this curriculum delayed, and the premier who pushed it through cheated on her husband and had her “partner” moved in as her “cousin”, deceiving her own children. A worth parent indeed.
  • Ian Foster
    commented 2019-07-09 23:03:50 -0400
    I do not have children of my own. However, I am a ‘practicing’ Christian. I have lived all my life in Ontario, and have always voted Conservative. As such, my voting history has always been based on a party that stood up for people and our province. I am firmly against the present early sex ed- being taught or, to be more blunt, especially to very young children in our public school system. As I recall my early years as public school student the ethics of our teachers was definitely not what I see happening today.
    I fully endorse the ParentsAsFirstEducators that this sex-ed must be changed. I do, however, see it as being a very small part of a upper grade high school mention.
    I am also dead against having a ‘speaker’ come into a classroom as be given freedom of passing out condoms.
    I, as a voter, feel our government of the day has not provided a healthy, nor a ‘proper’ democratic leadership about this question.
    Every scientific study on morals and good character building I have read would not approve of what is happening now.
    Our Conservative principles, I feel confident, can, and, must muster up the resolve that we are first of all a party that stands for leadership and character building.
    Thank you;
    I. Foster
  • Jacqueline Collins
    commented 2019-07-05 23:18:49 -0400
    I also congratulate Minister Cecce on his appointment. Please allow what Mr. Ford promised the parents of Ontario about abolishing Premier Wynne’s Sex Ed prior to his election. Let it become a reality. Righteousness will truly exalt a nation, but sin is really a reproach to any people or nation. Let Ontario be a God fearing and God reverencing province. I offer prayers daily for all our nation leaders and trust that all will do well.


    Jacqueline Collins
  • Robert Bryenton
    commented 2019-07-05 21:47:00 -0400
    Hey John: Doug Ford did the same to me! With what I have seen I don’t expect Doug to come around. He certainly isn’t the man his brother was! We got rid of Brown, why not dump Doug and give Tanya a shot! She seems to be the only decent prospective leader! There still a number of Brown people still around. No representation for social conservatives!
  • John Azzopardi
    commented 2019-07-05 21:04:49 -0400
    Premier Ford you realize we will all be judged before God after we die. I took time out of my work schedule to attend a PC rally before you were elected and I looked you in the eyes while shacking your hand. I asked you, will you keep your promised if elected premier to repeal the Wynne Sex Ed Curriculum that has been forced on our children, and you responded absolutely. Shortly after working with Tanya to win Mississauga Center democratically, you turfed her from the PC party.How quickly you forgot that it was Tanya’s 2nd place votes that allowed you to win the PC leadership and then the premiership. Wow with friends like you who needs enemies? Mr. Ford for once keep your promise for the sake of these innocent children. You are our Premier you have a majority that people like Tanya and myself helped you get. You said you are For The People, what people the minority that’s pushing the Gender Identity Theory that you called liberal ideology? This is not what a large number of PC members expected it would look like, when we fought to Take the party back from Patrick Brown. Sir you have followed his footsteps, he is a turncoat. He promised one thing before he became the leader, and did another once he was elected. You have the power and the time to reverse this, its not too late, there is time before the next election. Please have Minister Lecce scrap this diabolical sex-ed curriculum and have a true consultation with parents about what should be taught to our children like you promised you would. Mr. Ford you want to be remembered as just another politician that took power under false pretenses, or one that followed through with his slogan that he was “For the People”.
  • John Azzopardi
    followed this page 2019-07-05 20:55:11 -0400
  • Hugh Sutherland
    commented 2019-07-05 14:52:02 -0400
    Robert Bryenton, no argument there!
  • Robert Bryenton
    commented 2019-07-05 14:38:55 -0400
    Simple battle. GOOD vs EVIL!
  • Jake Janzen
    commented 2019-07-05 13:02:31 -0400
    Premier Ford: we believed you, elected you in good faith, and now we expect you to follow through and believe what we are saying: REPEAL THE WYNNE SEX-ED disaster. Our children and grandchildren are at stake. Just do it! You owe it to us, your supporters.
  • Jake Janzen
    commented 2019-07-05 13:02:31 -0400
    Premier Ford: we believed you, elected you in good faith, and now we expect you to follow through and believe what we are saying: REPEAL THE WYNNE SEX-ED disaster. Our children and grandchildren are at stake. Just do it! You owe it to us, your supporters.
  • Hugh Sutherland
    commented 2019-07-05 12:25:15 -0400
    You are aware the Minister of Education who designed this curriculum was convicted of pedophilia, and yet that stop it from passing through?
  • Sharon Andrews
    followed this page 2019-07-05 12:07:26 -0400
  • Therese Theoret
    commented 2019-07-05 11:39:06 -0400
    I stand with Tanya Granic. Ford made a promise and he won the election based on that promise to repeal Wynne’s and her pedophile friend, Levin, sex Ed curriculum. Have the people of Ontario forgotten that BENJAMIN LEVIN, who was a part of this controversial sex ed curriculum ended up in jail for his activities in producing and promoting child pornography? Have we forgotten that Levin was charged? Wake up Ontario! Wake up Canada! Don’t let anyone walk away free from this! Protect your children! Make lots of noise! File complaints with the Human Rights Commissions against the these horrific immoral groups that violate our constitution! Parents have rights too! Stand up Canada! Let’s not be afraid of these ‘goliaths’!
  • Jacqueline Collins
    commented 2019-07-04 22:37:49 -0400
    Each person must realize this: If we don’t speak out about important issues we are still speaking out. I stand with Tania Granic, and hope others will do so also..
  • Giovanny Colmenares
    commented 2019-07-03 14:28:48 -0400
    Hi Tania;
    I definitely in the same page with Tania Granic. We need to continue to put pressure on the new Minister, and continue to share our uncomfortable situation as a parent and people with christian principles.
  • Amr El-Said
    followed this page 2019-07-03 07:37:41 -0400
  • Robert Bryenton
    commented 2019-07-03 01:02:47 -0400
    Unfortunately we are going over to the dark side. God is the only one to help!
  • Jacqueline Collins
    commented 2019-07-02 21:23:14 -0400
    I agree with Tanya Granic. The Wynne’s sex-Ed program should not continue to be taught to our precious children. What legacy do we really want to leave for our future generations? Most young children do not have minds fully able to decide for themselves whether the teaching is good or bad. Why not allow children to be children; instead of messing up their minds with this issue. There are too many other issues they have to deal with that’s way beyond their mental capacity. Give them a chance to grow up please.
  • Arshad Syed
    commented 2019-07-02 09:51:14 -0400
    Daniel Largy, agree with yours and Joseph’s point of view.
  • Daniel Largy
    commented 2019-07-01 20:30:58 -0400
    Arshad Syed,
    He has it right, when he calls it Communist, this is part of the Communist Manifesto to morally break down western society, by eliminating all sexual taboos on behaviour, sensorship of writen material, photographs, and pornography of all types. One of the ways of doing is taking over the governments, the education system, and the media.
    Premier Ford is controlled by 2 percent of the population: the Sodomites (Gays), Lesbians, etc. and the Main Stream Globalist Media. He is a coward, and a disgrace this man who promised a fair and complete survey of Ontario parents who have children, in the Public Indoctrination System.
  • Genobeba Perez
    commented 2019-07-01 16:15:32 -0400
    I fully support Tanya. G, And i dont agree that we should continue with Wynne’s sex-Ed. Our kids deserve better. Yes Tanya i wishe you were our Minister if Education! Thanks for being our voice.
  • Arshad Syed
    commented 2019-07-01 15:35:37 -0400
    Fully support your efforts and dedication. Hoping that most people have the same voice but go unheard over the media making it look like the only way to serve humanity and protect kids is through sex-ed. And it is not even sex-ed, it carries a global agenda to break up the established structures and foundations of societies.
  • Arshad Syed
    followed this page 2019-07-01 15:31:03 -0400
  • Creat Ebiz
    commented 2019-07-01 14:46:33 -0400
    we want better leaders out of our children for Canada and the World, so yes I have full support too.
  • Robert Bryenton
    commented 2019-07-01 13:56:24 -0400
    Tanya should have been Minister of Education!
    Premier would be even better!
    Stranger things have happened!