Forget Mr., Mrs., or Ms.- Call me "Mx."





Sometimes I email you with bad news- OK, a lot of the time I do. However, today I want to highlight an example of parental protest which proved successful.

After a grade 5 teacher in Florida asked to be called “Mx.” by students, parents voiced their concern. The teacher was then removed from teaching grade 5 and placed in an adult education setting. Sanity prevailed! (Sadly in Canada this might have been deemed a hate crime thanks to the now passed law C-16).

Parental rights wins are far and few between these days, but they do happen. Sometimes they influence policy changes to a more sane level, but even when they don’t, they show everyone that opposition to the state taking over our children is very real.

Every one parent who speaks out represents a whole group that doesn’t feel comfortable voicing dissent. This is important to note.

The majority of parents and grandparents do not agree with what is happening—the insanity in the classroom. Some parents have pulled their children, others are watching and waiting, and are experiencing a growing unease.

The recent comments of Professor Miroslav Djordjevic, a “world-leading genital-reconstructive surgeon,” show that these parents are correct in their reaction, and those who don’t realize the danger of the new trend of encouraging “transitioning” in children need to wake up.

The surgeon is seeing a significant uptick in requests for “reversal” surgeries. He maintains he has a rigorous screening procedure before he’ll perform surgery, but says he is “concerned about the level of psychiatric evaluation and counseling that people receive elsewhere before gender reassignment first takes place.”

It’s clear that influencing young children in the classroom to be accepting of transgenderism and encouraging them to explore their own “gender identity” as a fluid concept is going to turn this uptick of requests for reversals into a tsunami.

Professor Djordjevic’s comments come on the heels of 12-year-old Patrick Mitchell in Australia who “transitioned” and then changed his mind, and of reports that academic research into the area of transgender regrets and reversals is being blocked.

Since the original article appeared about Professor Djordjevic’s concerns, the media has picked up on it and it seems that pressure is growing to address the issue of transgender regrets and reversals.

There are signs of hope that sanity can prevail. Sometimes it takes a group of parents, sometimes just one person. That’s why Queenie Yu and I are training concerned citizens to respond to attacks against our values. If you’re interested in being trained or to invite us to speak to your group, please email me at [email protected]To help us train more people, please make a donation to PAFE today.


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