2017 PC Party Convention Pictures


Jim Karahalios of Take Back Our PC Party and Axe the Carbon Tax being banned from the PC Party convention by Bob Stanley, Executive Director of the PC Party.


Tanya_and_Bob_Stanley_2.jpgTanya Granic Allen took the opportunity to blast PC Party Executive Director, Bob Stanley, about Patrick Brown’s sex-ed letter and subsequent flip flop in August 2016.




Queenie Yu asks MPP Sam Oosterhoff about the consequences of voting against bills supported by Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown.
















Queenie Yu and Tanya Granic Allen took the time to explain to MPP Monte McNaughton the importance of standing for parental rights and family values in legislation.



Tanya Granic Allen questioning MPP Raymond Cho about Patrick Brown’s strict party discipline.


Queenie Yu discussing the abysmal conference attendance with MPP Ernie Hardeman.




MPP Rick Nicholls, his wife Diane, Queenie Yu, and Tanya Granic Allen. What was discussed? The upside-down social priorities of the Patrick Brown PC Party.



Queenie Yu discussing the sham of a policy convention with PC Party President, Rick Dykstra.













Empty_PC_Party_Convention_Room.JPGThe plenary meeting room was half vacant for the entire morning.

Isn’t that surprising when the PC Party has over 100,000 members? Perhaps its because the whole convention was a sham.




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  • Maria Bilstra
    commented 2017-11-28 13:31:28 -0500
    Great job Tanya and Queenie, I’m glad you didn’t get banned from the convention!! Thank you for all you do keeping us well informed!
  • Sybil Brodie
    commented 2017-11-28 11:47:55 -0500
    How very sad there are so many cowardly PC members who think that backing Patrick Brown, no matter what, will give them a win over the Liberals. What it is doing is splitting the PC members so the Liberals will once again come into power. I cannot vote for Norman Miller in Muskoka/Parry Sound because he is a blind Brown supporter. Who then can I vote for?